I make £30,000 a month by spending an hour on trading every day

Elijah drives a Bentley, Mercedes and a gold Lamborghini

Over the past year, trader Elijah Oyefeso has made £30,000 a month, and he can earn even more than double that on a good run – all from a laptop in his Kensington flat.

21-year-old Elijah from Camberwell is his own boss, doesn’t wear a suit unless he wants to and spends his money on sports cars and watches.

The secret to binary trading, Elijah says is to have some “self control. I’ve been trading for three years, I know when to stop. When you lose it, you get back up. If you lose 12 times, you get back up 12 times.

Traders are hardly known for their honesty, and every other pop-up ad claims you can make thousands in just a few minutes, but Elijah does appear to be for real by making £1,000 in 15 minutes in front of a camera.

Elijah at work in his Kensington flat

Elijah at work in his Kensington flat

Elijah appeared on Channel 4’s Rich Kids Go Shopping this week, showing off the fleet of sports cars and Rolex watches named after his old pets. But he also showed a softer side, buying luxury clothes for the homeless and promising to build his mum a house in Africa.

He started out by dropping out of uni and floating his loan on the stock market and getting almost instant success. The last time we spoke to Elijah, he’d somehow managed to crash his gold painted Lamborghini into his own Bentley which a friend was driving.

Instead of crying into the steering wheel and calling his mum like most of us, Elijah admitted “I just started laughing. Life goes on.” Now he’s bought a Mercedes GTA in white, apparently one of only two in that colour in the UK.

Elijah gave away a glimpse of his screen while he traded

Elijah gave away a glimpse of his screen while he traded

The trader dropped out of his Business Management course at Buckingham University, using his loan on binary options trading – an extremely risky but high reward method – and found he had a flair for making quick decisions.

Elijah describes it as “stocks which are either going up or going down”  but doesn’t think just anyone can cut it. His biggest loss was £10,000 in a single day.

He added: “You might struggle at first but that’s part of life, you might not make money for the first few months. I found an account manager who supported me.”

His other tip is to listen to classical music while you work. He said: “Classical music while you work is important, you’ve got to relax. Why am I going to play RnB and jumping music with bass? I like Mozart, he’s good, but I tend to play a big mix.”


The Lamborghini (before he painted it gold) and the Bentley

Aside from making more trades and buying more cars, Elijah’s other main ambition is buy his mum a house in Africa.

He said: “My mum came from Liberia and came with probably £100 in her pocket. “All Africans want to move back to their homeland. She wanted me to grow up here but I know she plans to go back to West Africa. Most people want to retire in their country.”

In the Channel 4 show, Elijah bought piles of £150 jumpers from the pricey Present store in Shoreditch and handed them out to homeless people, but this is apparently something he does all the time.

He said: “Clothes quality is good. If I went to a cheap shop to buy them then they’d just fall apart. I’m always doing it, but I don’t always film it. They actually think it’s a scam at first.”

Elijah buying clothes for the homeless in Shoreditch

Elijah buying clothes for the homeless in Shoreditch

“Once I bought the whole menu in McDonalds, half the Ribena they had in Asda and gave it out to some homeless people in Victoria.

“I’m a man who surprises people, so I don’t want to give too much away about what I’m doing next.”