Lamborghini dropout laughs off crashing BOTH his sportscars in one night

He said ‘life goes on’

A 21-year-old loaded dropout smashed up both his Lamborghini and Bentley in a £450,000 collision. 

Plush trader Elijah Oyefeso said he “just started laughing” after the crash which wrote off his Bentley and left the other supercar severely damaged.

Elijah risked his entire student loan on the stock market, dropping out of his Buckinghamshire Uni Football business Management course.

But the gamble paid off and he boasted earnings of £26,000 every month before the crash.


Elijah’s Lamborghini wreck

Moneybags Elijah, who also owns a Mercedes C-Class, said he let his friend drive the Bentley before the costly accident.

He told The Tab: “My Bentley Continental is a write off. I’ll probably get a new one of the same model.

“The back of my Lamborghini is damaged, but that can still be fixed.”

Elijah said the collision took him by surprise in an interview with the MailOnline, admitting his Bentley was being driven by a friend.

He said: “I don’t know at what point the crash happened. It was just the next thing I know he’s gone into the back of me.”

“I don’t remember what happened. Afterwards I just started laughing. Life goes on, you know.”


Dropout success Elijah Oyefeso

He suffered minor injuries in the accident and refused to say whether the pair were racing, insisting insurance will cover the damage.

Elijah said his friend, who he wouldn’t name, was arrested by police.

Daniel Patch, a photographer who spotted the crash said: “I’d heard some tasty sounding engines and – being a car nut – got off my sofa to have a look.

“I heard the car coming back from Grays town centre so grabbed my phone in anticipation. That was when I saw the Lamborghini coming around the corner.

“It was a little greasy from some light rain and it just span it off through a small wooden fence and into the hedgerow.”

“I wouldn’t want to pick up the repair bill for either of them.”

A statement from Essex Police said: “A 21-year-old from London was arrested on suspicion of taking a motor vehicle without the owner’s consent, obstructing a police officer and traffic offences.

“He was released on police bail until August 12.”


The written off Bentley Continental after the crash

Last month Elijah told The Tab: “I’ve got three vehicles: a Lamborghini, the Bentley and a Mercedes. It felt fantastic to buy them.”

“If you don’t take any risks you won’t be successful. There’s no limit, why can’t I buy an island? You’ve got one life so you’ve got to live it.”

Elijah, originally from Camberwell in London, makes his money through binary options trading –– basically all or nothing investments.

He describes it as “stocks which are either going up or going down” and plans to launch a website explaining the process to students.


Elijah with his Lamborghini and Bentley before the incident

Asked if he thinks we should all drop out, Elijah admits it’s not for everyone.

“Education is very important, some say you need a degree to get a job. My first big loss was £2000, but I never gave up.

“I think everyone has an entrepreneur mind. Surround yourself with rich people and don’t give up your dreams.

“You might struggle at first but that’s part of life, you might not make money for the first few months. I found an account manager who supported me.”

He said “Everything’s on hold” as a result of the crash.

You can follow Elijah on his Twitter @teamelijah and check out his website here.