61 per cent of you think students don’t need consent classes

We asked you to tell us what you really thought in our poll


Nearly two thirds of students don’t think they need consent classes.

The landslide results came from yesterday’s Tab poll.

4,440 people voted in the poll, with 2,708 votes coming out against consent classes.

Only 39 per cent — 1,732 people — were in favour of them.

Earlier this week, Warwick student George Lawlor sparked massive debate when he said he didn’t need to go to consent classes because he “didn’t have to be taught not to be a rapist”.

In the media furore which followed, fellow Warwick fresher Jack Hadfield told Breitbart consent classes were “useless and damaging” while Women’s Officer Josie Throup said she “wasn’t sorry” her consent workshops made them feel uncomfortable.