I rub semen on my face to keep my skin looking good, but I’m more than a tabloid headline

Former glamour model Tracy Kiss tells us about her unique beauty regimen


Tracy Kiss rose to fame as a glamour model on the pages of the Daily Star, but she has become better known as the woman who uses semen as an anti-wrinkle treatment.

Since April this year, she has been rubbing her friend’s spunk into her face and recording the success of the treatment on her blog.

Writing on the blog, she said: “I can imagine that to some, the thought of using a semen facial mask may turn stomachs, but for years no secret has been made about the beauty benefits of using live and natural ingredients such as placental extracts, algae, mud, minerals, live yogurt, vegetables, oils and even blood.

“In the interest of beauty I see semen as being a fresh, active and stimulating ingredient, which gives my skin the glow and freshness that I require for a healthy skincare regime for my sensitive condition. 

“Obviously consistency and quality will differ between each batch and source, and you may be hard pushed to ever find a supermarket which stocks the mask; it is therefore worth investing in a reliable male with a healthy diet and stamina to ensure a plentiful supply, perhaps a boyfriend, husband or in my case a health conscious friend.”

Tracy’s lifelong dermatological condition, rosacea, means that many chemically-based skin creams and lotions irritate her skin. The condition also causes permanent redness, premature ageing, and skin abnormalities.

After Tracy had struggled with conventional skin treatments, someone suggested she try a semen facial. No, it wasn’t a seedy bloke behind a petrol station, it was her beautician.

The spunk is applied in circular motions and left to dry

Tracy regularly blogs about fitness, beauty, and fashion

Cautious about chemical cosmetics after a botched breast implant operation, natural treatments are a big part of Tracy’s life.

She sources the man-gravy from her friend Ben, who has been tested for STIs and maintains a healthy lifestyle. He provides it in a container, and Tracy applies it to her face once a week.

Mum-of-two Tracy is now a lifestyle blogger, and a strong advocate of natural beauty treatments. Which makes her controversial jizz facial a bit less weird.

She told us: “I had plastic surgery to correct my under developed breasts as a teenager, and had a triple reconstruction when it was discovered my implants were PIP, meaning they were made of non medical grade silicone and used illegally across private and NHS hospitals. I believe in showing people the reality of treatments and procedures so that they can make an informed decision about whether it is right for themselves or not.”

Tracy still finds time for a glamorous selfie every now and then

Some websites suggest that pearl jam can smooth skin, reduce wrinkles, and calm the effects of conditions such as acne and Rosacea.

“It all depends on your skin type, just like any beauty product. For me and my skin condition it works really well,” Tracy told The Tab.

Workin’ out

Tracy’s blog post about splooge facials quickly spread across the internet, gaining popularity on reddit, where users quipped about her “semen extractors” and warned her about the dangers of storing semen in the wrong conditions.

Tracy’s instagram is very popular

Tracy told us: “A lot of people worldwide have got in touch, many wishing to remain anonymous through fear of what others may think, and some being brave enough to post as comments on forums or my blog. For those that have tried it, every response has been very positive and thankful for my recommendation. I’m glad to have helped people to find a free and natural alternative to modern irritating cosmetics.”

Saviour of skin across the world

Despite what some online commenters think, it’s not a sexual thing. Tracy isn’t sexually or romantically involved with the dick-milk provider, even though some have suggested Ben is trying to “trick her” or that he’s “stuck in the spermzone”.

Tracy said: “I found it very comical that people focused on the size of my breasts and argued over if I looked either very young or incredibly old rather than concentrating on the subject of a facial. For them to highlight the fact of me being a single parent living alone I feel that they missed the entire point of my research and focused only on the shock factor. I gave an unbiased review of a natural beauty remedy but the public are certainly very biased in their views.”

Actress Heather Locklear is reportedly also a fan of the semen facial treatment

In this YouTube video, Tracy tells us “My skin just feels really good afterwards. It just feels softer, it feels more natural, make-up sits better, it’s not so hot, it’s not so irritant, and for me it works really well.”

Have you ever tried any odd beauty treatments? Would you try a semen facial? Let us know in the comments!

If you want to learn more about Tracy, head over to her blog.

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