What you missed last week at NYU

Just in case you weren’t paying attention

We gave you advice on rooming with assholes, Sternies reminded us once again why we hate them, we went on a campus wide hunt for Republicans and peeps got overexcited because of celebs — just a few things that happened this week at NYU.

Oh and real beautiful things are happening off campus too. Standard. Casual.

Sternies debate

So despite our writer’s best efforts to consider all schools, sadly the majority of our readers seemed to skip over the last paragraph of the piece. How devastating.

Although the quotes were priceless we want to take this time to appreciate all of NYU. But seriously though, “Stern is the flagship school of NYU”, thanks Mr Sabó I’ll keep that in mind.

Fan madhouse

Well, a few people got hyped up over seeing Shia LeBeouf after he sat down for a 72 hour marathon of his own movies at the Angelika Film Center.

Some die-hard fans even waited for three and a half hours to see him, so that’s kinda cool. I mean whatever floats ya boat really.

Oh and Billy Crystal also stopped by apparently? Eh, Tisch stuff.

Yours truly and Billy!

And we sat down for a chat with Storm Ritter, a senior artist. Most memorable quote: “Everyday, I try to figure out how to fuck the system.” Boss AF. I love it.

Auntie Barbara

What could be more fabulous than having an old woman solve your rooming disputes? I don’t know. Probably tea.

Well, let me tell you Auntie Barbara will be here solving your troubles for weeks to come, and providing you with sound advice that you can implement in your little daily lives. She’s real chill I hear.


On the November 12th, The Black Student Union announced they will be hosting a blackout on Monday, November 16 at 10am Kimmel. So keep that in mind for next week.

They said: “A wave of blackout protests is currently sweeping the country’s universities, as students demonstrate in solidarity with the students of Yale and The University of Missouri (Mizzou) amid simmering racial tensions.”

We also covered this Friday’s protests in Washington Square Park.

Republican shut down

Political controversy and challenging debates, what could be better?

So, a brave soul went around campus asking about political shit and people weren’t that, errm what’s the word… “responsive”.

As a good Samaritan I shared the post on the NYU’s Republican Facebook group and a debate was sparked. Perhaps we’ll do a follow up? Who knows.

Solidarity and grief downtown

And tragedy struck the world, and people expressed their pain all over Lower Manhattan.

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