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These are by far the worst leaked screenshots from a frat we’ve seen all day

‘It’s not rape if she enjoys it’

Another day, another leaked screenshot from a fraternity's groupchat being incredibly racist and sexist.

The latest in a long line of revelations that some frat brothers send each other extremely bad messages comes from Tau Kappa Epsilon's chapter at Florida International University.


– "It's not rape if she enjoys it"

– Jokes about the Holocaust

– Boasting about having sex with underage girls

– "Send me those 17 year old nudes from the old days when I was wifed and you weren't, wanna feel like a ped"

– "I'm leaving to Colombia for 10 days, if anyone wants some white lmk. Some booger sugar"

Here they are, as uncovered by The Miami New Times. Be warned, they're pretty grim:

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Below is an exchange about a student who died on vacation after falling off a cliff.

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A whistleblower leaked these screenshots to school administrators and Greek officials late last month. They have finally emerged after an official responsible for Greek life at FIU apparently claimed the messages did not violate the code of conduct.

“According to an email sent by Christianne Medrano, the IFC Advisor, FIU Administration says that these members of Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity are NOT a violation of the student code of conduct,” the student leaker wrote. “If this isn’t a violation then WHAT is?”

Now they have publicly come out, the school is in uproar.

“We absolutely find it unacceptable,” said Student Affairs Vice President Dr. Larry Lunsford. “To FIU, it’s not us. It doesn’t represent our values."

Do you have screenshots you would like to share? Send them to [email protected].