The Maryland ‘valedictorian’ told us his ridiculous plans for what he’s doing next

‘Speed read every single useful book on start-ups’

The Maryland student who claimed he was his Class Valedictorian has told us what he’s going to do next – including “learn how to speed read” and then “speed read every single useful book on start-ups.”

Maryland dropout Gio Managadze published a viral LinkedIn post declaring why he was dropping out of school two weeks before gradation, rejecting his position as valedictorian. It quickly emerged the University of Maryland does not actually have a valedictorian position – they call it a Class Medalist – and this year it went to someone else.

Responding to our message from a couple days ago, Gio got in touch to describe why he did it and what he plans to do moving forward, including “learn how to speed read”, “” and “make bank.”

We have pasted his plans in full below:

Hi Harry,

This is Gio, the Ex-Valedictorian.

My entire mindset and reasons for dropping out – I have described in my letter.
Moving forward these are some of my plans (in no particular order)

1. Learn how to speed read. They taught me so many useless things in school but they never taught me how to speed read!?!?!?!? Why is that not the Day 1 lesson in high school. Think about it. Is that a joke? I’m going to learn how to speed read immediately.
3. Read Elon Musk’s biography and study his philosophies
4. Read Steve Job’s biography and study his philosophies
5. Read Endurance
6. Read Benjamin Franklin’s biography (one of the greatest diplomats the world has ever seen; very useful mindset for a CEO)
7. Study Zuckerberg and Facebook’s founding
8. Study Google’s founding
9. Study Richard Branson and other notable billionaires
10. Speed read every single useful book on start-ups and businesses and CEOs and billionaires
11. I will learn everything that an MBA entails (basics of business, economics, finance, marketing, value chain, etc) in a few months on my own
12. Find a problem in the world that I am very passionate about and start a company to solve it.
13. Potentially start an e-commence site to make revenue
14. Develop start-up ideas and reach out to investors to get funded
15. Make bank

My “marketing experiment” worked extremely well. Multiple investors already reached out to me. One guy even asked if he could write about me in his book.
Check out how many hits my article got.

Lemme know what else I can help with.


Good luck Gio!