The far-right is having a sad break-up with Trump over the Syria airstrike

They are freaking out

Some of Donald Trump’s biggest fans are breaking up with him after he authorized an airstrike on a Syrian airbase last night.

In the same tone of a mournful ex leaving their partner, Trump’s loudest supporters are saying goodbye:

While a number of Trump voters’ breath quickened at the first mention of bombing something, many of his anti-globalist, anti-cuck fanbase are distraught.

Sticking by her man, @NotDoneWinning says: “He’s not going to be perfect, but he’s the best we have, and I will continue to support him.”

And @LeahR77 adds: “We can’t micro manage everything Trump does .. at some point we have to trust him to make decisions. He knows more than we do!”

Here’s the rest of the inconsolable ex-Trump lovers who are trying to get over their remains of their far-right relationship: