Young male Republicans are delighted about Trump’s anti-trans move. Women disagree

One told us ‘being trans is a mental disorder’

Male Republican students are applauding President Trump’s decision to repeal the rules allowing trans students into their bathrooms of choice – whereas women have said the opposite.

At CPAC, where tens of thousands of young Republicans gather to hear their conservative icons speak, the views are split on trans student rights.

The men we met were almost exclusively against the idea of allowing trans students into the bathrooms of the gender they identify with, claiming they could pose a danger to women. Some even went as far to say trans people had “a mental disorder.”

But the women took the opposite view – those we spoke to explained they didn’t have a problem with trans students using whichever bathroom they felt comfortable with, saying it didn’t matter.

Activists have already spoken out about Trump scrapping trans student protections. “The consequences of this decision will no doubt be heartbreaking,” said Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign to the New York Times. “This isn’t a states’ rights issue; it’s a civil rights issue.”

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