These are the most inspiring babes of the week

Gals are doing it for themselves

This week was a week in history where we saw a woman take part in the US Presidential Debate for the first time, and the general consensus is that she won.

But this week wasn’t all about Hillary Clinton, there were many more power babes this week and here’s a round up of the biggest babes:

Noor Tagouri

Noor Tagouri, a Muslim Arab Amerian journalist shattered a million stereotypes all in one go when she became the first women hijabi to appear in Playboy.

Explaining her choice, she wrote: “I did it to demonstrate there is nothing more powerful than a woman being unapologetically herself.”

The 22-year-old set out to empower women through modesty and her appearance in Playboy shows just this, as well as giving women a freedom to make their own decisions.

Serena Williams

This week was her birthday and she couldn’t have been more of a babe.

As well as being an absolute killer of a tennis player, Serena is known for being gutsy and shutting down interviewers when they give her shit.

But this week, Serena wrote a sincere post on her Facebook page, standing by Black Lives Matter and saying: “it’s not how far we have come but how much further still we have to go.”

Michelle Obama

The First Lady hit up the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton this week and absolutely smashed it.

Standing proud, Michelle Obama proved that although her husband happens to be the President, he isn’t the only powerhouse in the family.

Not only did she endorse Hillary as the first female President, she also shut down Trump, calling him a “whiner.”

Ashley Olafsen

Ashley Olafsen is the definition of a powerful, influential woman. She’s a CEO of her own company, a TEDx speaker, a Huffington Post writer and she’s a student at UMass.

This week she’s become a published author.

Oh, and she’s only 19.

Daisy Edmonds

Daisy Edmonds is an eight-year-old girl and she is a babe.

This week, Daisy’s mom filmed her in a grocery store when she realised the problems with gendered clothing. The video shows Daisy calling out the store for creating unfairly gendered tops, where the girls’ are uninspiring.

In her outrage, Daisy decided to mess things up and plant girls’ tops in the boys’ section.

Alexandra Petri

There were a lot of witty tweets in anticipation and in the aftermath of this week’s presidential debate but Alexandra Petri, a columnist for the Washington Post absolutely nailed it.

Her tweet, which gained nearly 60k retweets and did the rounds on social media, put the debate between Trump and Clinton into perspective – giving it a far too familiar situational context.

And it was absolutely spot on.

Alicia Machado

“Poor Alicia Machado”, you might say. The former Miss Universe has had it all thrown in her face by Trump – calling her “Miss Piggy” and she’s had her personal life opened up a lot too.

But instead of letting it get the better of her, Alicia has spoken out about body shaming and opened up herself and spoken out about how she developed an eating disorder as a result of the disgusting comments.

Her honesty has appealed to so many girls in a similar position. What a babe.

Kate McWilliams

Kate McWilliams is a captain and she’s a girl. Not only this but this week it was reported that she could be the world’s youngest ever commercial captain when she became easyJet’s youngest female captain at only 26.

Only about 5% of commercial pilots are women so it’s safe to say that at such a young age, Kate is killing it.