A freshers’ guide to the neighbourhoods in York

2024 will be the year of affordable rent and bills included


Congratulations you’ve completed semester one (just about). As we plunge into semester two pat yourself on the back for attending at least one of your 9am’s last semester, but also brace yourself for the awkward second-year housing talk.

Will you stay true to the promises made in Freshers’ Week with your flatmates that you’ll all get a house together in the second year? Don’t try to deny it we’ve all been that naive, but hopefully now you’ve found your people. 

Let us manifest that 2024 will be the year of affordable rent and bills included. Christmas was for convincing yourself that you’re not procrastinating writing your essays and instead strategically waiting to thrive on that last-minute academic stress (let’s be honest, it’s all lies). The Tab is here to put your New Year priorities in order. Here’s an overview of the most popular student housing in York. 

Hull Road/ Lawrence Street

Snooze that alarm, it’s about a 20 minute walk to campus. Living so close to Dominoes will be your downfall – it’s probably pizza for the third time this week as you make the most out of the walk-in deals, but it’s justified because you’ve used that student discount. If anything you’ve saved money!

Lawrence Street is just further down Hull Road and is the best of both worlds. Fairly equal distance from campus and town, it’s best feature, is the bonus of being in between campus and spoons. What else could you want? Both these areas are very much the student centre, so you’ll have to act fast as these properties get snapped up quickly. 

Heslington Road

As good a location as Hull Road, being a reasonable distance from uni and town, however, Hull Road can’t compete with Hes Road’s biggest highlight: Efe’s. Efe’s is home to the best post-night out snacks so if you’re partial to some cheesy chips or a 3am large margarita, this might be all it takes for you to be persuaded to call Hes Road your home. 

Tang Hall

Supposedly the rougher area of York. In comparison to the scenic parts of York, it definitely doesn’t fit the same aesthetic. It’s quite a distance from campus, but I’ve heard once you move there you will love to learn its quirks. I’m not saying it won’t take some time though.


Gone are the days of rolling out of bed five minutes before your lecture and midday power naps in your own bed. If you’re a fan of peace and quiet and are ready for an early start for that long walk to campus, this is the place for you. However, the upside is that it is good value for money. 

Fulford Road

If being close to Aldi is your priority then this is the place for you. As a former Halifax resident myself the DofE style trek still haunts me. It’s also only about a 30-minute walk to campus. Being fairly close to town this location clearly has multiple pros and not many cons. You can save some money on those Uber rides after late-night maccies. 

Badger Hill

Consider it more of a residential area than where you would imagine students to live. However, the upside is that it is on the bus route so that extra half hour in bed is possible. But if you have trust issues about the 66 ever being on time, this may not be the place for you.


A hidden gem in my opinion, and although it is a bit of a walk to campus, Bishy Road makes up for that. There isn’t a time when you’re not tempted by the cafes that line the street. Your bank account may be disappointed in you, but it is so worth it. The BAFTA at the Pig and Pastry is a sandwich that itself should be winning awards. You can live out your aesthetic uni experience five minutes from home. 


If you’re just not ready to share just yet, then maybe consider living back on campus. Campus East can satisfy your creature comforts with ensuites and heating on all day every day. Or if you just have an emotional connection with your first year college and just can’t bear to let go, this seriously can’t be the reason. 

Now go forth and break free from the shared flats full of people who you may or may not have hated and find a new kitchen to christen with pasta sauce. 

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