Stop what you’re doing and VOTE in the final of York’s BNOC competition 2023

The crown is within reach


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. It’s time for the final of The York Tab’s BNOC of the Year Competition 2023.

Over the past couple of days, you have been voting for your biggest name on campus. The top two nominees from each round will now be going head to head for the BNOC 2023 crown.

As before, the person with the most votes in the poll on our Instagram Story will be crowned your winner. The vote will close TOMORROW so be sure to get your vote in and have your say in who gets the crown.

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to get to know our three nominees, but if you haven’t, here’s a round up of this year’s finalists.

Jamie Parker-East

After receiving a tonne of nominations, third year physics student Jamie came out on top in round one. His nominations described him as “true chaos incarnate” and an “incredibly silly individual”.

Apparently, his rise to fame stems from appearing on the Uni’s Instagram page promoting physics despite failing his exams last year (oops). One person said that he is “the best person of all time – absolutely hilarious and always brightening everyone’s day”. Upon finding out about his place in the final, he said that it was “pretty funny”.

Charlie Harker

Charlie Harker came in second in round one, earning himself a place in the final. The first year PPE student is known as a “Constantine icon” having seemingly made a quick impression on campus as a “saviour” in the Constantine fire.

When he found out he’d made the final, Charlie said that he was “incredibly shocked but very grateful to have been nominated for BNOC after just one semester”. He said: “I want to shout out my amazing flatmates, my fellow Constantine freshers and the newly-formed Benchball Soc for all their love. Thanks to everyone who has nominated and/or voted for me. I love York”

Joe and Yakov (What’s for tea?)

This duo took the crown in round two with almost half the vote. Second year history student, Joe Brearley, and third year biochemistry student, Yakov Boani, together make up the hosts of a weekly student radio show, “What’s for tea?”.

The show, which currently has an Instagram page with nearly 2,000 followers, helped them receive a bunch of nominations, with one person saying “they spread the gospel of tea, the most important meal”, and another saying “what’s for tea is the GOAT”.

Learning of their place in the final, Joe said: “We are well chuffed, but what’s for tea? is just the mouthpiece for the real hero here – tea. Whether that be the drink or the evening meal, tea means everything. This is our goal in life, to spread evening meal joy”.

Yakov added: “Tea is good. I support tea. The evening meal deserves everybody’s upmost respect.”

Will Locke

According to his nominations, third year Will “does everything under the sun”, including no less than three societies on top of his degree. He’s also a drummer in a band, with one nomination saying that Will is “an incredible drummer and an even better friend.”

Described as “Mr Reliable”, Will is “the man everyone wants to invite to pre’s and house parties”, and can be counted on to help ferry your drunk housemates home.” Having placed second in heat two, Will has made it through to the BNOC final.

Responding to the good news, he said: “I was not expecting this one bit but I am so happy and excited to be a part of this. Just being involved in the BNOC competition is insane and I am so thankful for all my amazing friends and people that I have met throughout my time at York so far!”

But there can only be one winner, so cast your final vote NOW over on our Instagram Story.

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