Club Salvation is conducting a review after a student was punched in the face by a bouncer

A video circulated online of the altercation that took place in the club’s smoking area


Club Salvation is conducting a review after an alleged bouncer was filmed punching a student in the face in the smoking area of the venue.

A video taken by a witness on the night of Wednesday 27th September has been circulating social media and shows a bouncer punching the 20-year-old student in the face, who then retaliates. The two then engaged in an altercation before a second bouncer seemingly intervened and attempted to pull the two apart.

Club salvation has since issued a statement saying that it is conducting a review into the incident.

The student in the video, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted the events to The York Tab, saying that he was in the bathroom at the nightclub when “some random bloke grabbed [him].”

He said: “I pushed him off me not realising he was a bouncer and walked to the smokers to have a chat with a mate when a few minutes later he burst in and grabbed my drinks out my hand.

“He continued to shove me more, while I was pushing him away and trying not to escalate, until he eventually hit me. We then wrestled for a bit until the other bouncer stepped in.”

In a statement to The York Tab, Club Salvation said it is “committed to ensuring the accountability and responsibility of all parties involved”, and that it is currently addressing the matter “transparently and fairly”.

A spokesperson for Club Salvation said: “Safety and the customer experience are of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to maintaining a secure and enjoyable environment for all.

“We are working diligently to address this matter transparently and fairly and we are currently in the process of conducting a review to understand the events fully.

“We are mindful of the rights and well-being of all involved and, as such, are unable to comment further on specific details. However, we are committed to ensuring the accountability and responsibility of all parties involved and will act accordingly based on the outcome of our review.”

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