Student campaigners at Uni of York have dropped a banner and let off flares from Central Hall

The group are calling on the uni to transition to plant-based catering to combat the climate crisis

Today, student campaigners at the University of York unfurled a banner and let off non-toxic flares from the top of Central Hall, as part of a campaign for universities to transition to plant-based catering in order to combat the climate crisis.

The banner, which read “Plant-Based University End the Climate Crisis”, was dropped by student campaigners following the publication of an open letter to university vice-chancellors and student union presidents asking for their support in the campaign.

The open letter has gained over 1,000 signatures from academics and notable figures, including 50 from the University of York.

Image credit: Quinn Chen, Instagram: @seirororrrr

Last March, the campaign group passed a motion through the Uni of York’s Student Union via YUSUggestions. The motion, which asked that all food and drink facilities on campus need to “commit to becoming 100 per cent plant-based and provide a clear timeline for how and when this will happen”, passed with 142 student votes.

Jazz Morley, a Biology student and campaigner, said: “Getting the motion passed through our student union last year was fantastic, but that was really just the beginning, and we’re hoping that being here today raises more awareness of the campaign here at the University of York, especially since it’s Freshers’ Week.

“Our actions today are sending a clear message to the union and university that their students take the need to transition to 100 per cent plant-based catering seriously.”

Image credit: Quinn Chen, Instagram: @seirororrrr

In the open letter, the group said: “Most universities have declared a climate emergency, with many taking steps such as fossil fuel divestment.

“We are in a crucial period for the future of all life on Earth, the decisions we make now will shape the future of humanity and the natural world. Our young people, many of whom study at your institutions, serve to know that their universities are actively working to create a future for them to graduate into.”

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