York ranks as the seventh best city for student letting agencies, according to new survey

They don’t call it God’s own county for nothing

York has placed as the seventh best city for student letting agencies, according to IFA magazine. Despite the horror stories that circulate from student tenants about their nightmare landlords, it’s a big accomplishment for York to have appeared within the top 10.

The list was created by calculating the average score out of five from all the reviews of all the student letting agencies in each city. Out of a total of 3,247 reviews, York managed to score an impressive average of 4.36.

The city was beaten by Bath, ranking in first place with an average review rating of 4.45, followed by Plymouth, Bristol, Exeter, Sheffield and Camden. It did, however, rank above Southwark, Portsmouth, and finally Oxford, which placed tenth place with a score of 4.28.

Generally, these good reviews require the letting agency to perform well in three areas: They should have good communication with the tenants, the properties should be to a good standard, and the students should have an overall positive experience of living in the property.

At the end of the day, it is unlikely that you’ll end up a part of the small portion of people who don’t have a good experience with their student property. Finding student accommodation can be daunting, but according to these statistics it looks like you’ve got a good chance of being perfectly happy with your letting agency in York.

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