This is which band you should listen to based on your Uni of York college

Goodricke’s choice is not at all biased x

Your music taste says A LOT about you. For example, as a self-proclaimed Smiths fan I’ve gotten used to being called a walking red flag. As with your favourite band, each college at the Uni of York has its own unique reputation, whether you think it’s true or not.

Since these reputations can be hard to shake, why not lean into the vibe of your York college through music? So, this is one for music fans – from icons to guilty pleasures, this is which band you should listen to based on your college.

Derwent – The Smiths

Starting with York’s party college, this may seem an odd choice. No thanks to its dull, black-on-the-outside appearance, it isn’t hard to picture a dark cloud hanging over Derwent. Yet, like The Smiths, you’re not the red flag people make you out to be. There’s more to you than the associated doom and gloom: beneath the college’s miserable appearance, there is a reason for your popularity and party animal reputation. With upbeat bangers like This Charming Man and Ask on at pres, everyone will be dancing (including Long Boi). 

Alcuin – Simon and Garfunkel

Like this 60s duo, Alcuin is kinda old as one of the founding colleges. Unlike Derwent, you don’t have much of a party reputation, preferring the peace and quiet. Simon and Garfunkel bring the relaxed, wholesome and tranquil atmosphere perfect for this college (specifically in the song Mrs Robinson). 

James – Sports Team 

Since you’re the sporty ones, these guys are perfect for your work-out playlist. Not only is their name apt, but their raw, post-punk vibes are guaranteed to get you energised for the gym. Also, the band’s wealthy background has often been a topic of criticism so perhaps, as one of the more expensive colleges, you can relate x. 

Vanbrugh – Paramore 

Located in the heart of campus, Vanbrugh’s unproblematic, good vibes match those of pop-punk pioneers, Paramore. Like them, you have (hopefully) managed to avoid controversy during your time at uni. You’re cool, creative, and probably involved in music, whether that be playing at, or just watching one of the many events hosted at V-Bar.

Fairfax – Hayley Williams 

Not a band, but like Williams, you have branched off from the main attraction and are doing your own thing. Switching from front-woman to solo artist, she lives in her own world but is still undoubtedly a part of Paramore, much like this town house on the edge of campus.

Halifax – Coldplay

Why does nobody want to admit they like you?

Like Coldplay, you’re perhaps not everybody’s first choice but actually turn out to be quite decent. Beginning in the aftermath of Britpop and traversing various subgenres since, Coldplay’s huge discography and many collaborations reflect the college’s diverse nature. As the biggest college, there is sure to be lots of drama going on, despite your remote location and chilled atmosphere. Above all, you’re a little underappreciated. It just requires digging a bit deeper, and maybe walking down a few metaphorical alleys, to discover how great Halifax is.

Goodricke – Fleetwood Mac 

We are Goodricke, and we exist.

Many York students forget about Goodricke. Like this band, it is enigmatic and hard to define. Before legendary hits like Dreams and Everywhere came about, both the band’s genre and line-up were completely different, yet it is sometimes easy to forget about the earlier blues stuff (much like it is easy to forget about Goodricke).

York students often say they have met few people from Goodricke, giving the college a mystical quality that Stevie Nicks would love. Fleetwood Mac also have something for everyone, with songs like Don’t Stop and The Chain being on the same album, so they capture your eclecticism as a Goodrickian. In true Fleetwood Mac fashion, there’s probably lots of arguments and break-ups going on here, but you’re generally quite chill. Most importantly you’re very, very cool.

Langwith – Take That

Despite being one of the founding colleges, you have a lively and youthful spirit, much like the timeless hits of Take That. Yet, like Robbie Williams, you’re perhaps clinging onto a fashionable persona that doesn’t exist. You may think you’re cool because Jimi Hendrix once performed at the college, but you’re undeniably cheesy, which is part of Langwith’s charm. Forget the existing motto “in order to conquer you must first conquer yourself” –  “never forget where you’re coming from” should definitely be your new one.

Anne Lister – Wet Leg

You are new and yet to make your mark, but so far are doing a good job. With its fancy, modern atmosphere, Lister definitely reflects the band member’s fun personalities and their fresh take on music, and is a great place for pres. As a very recent emergence, the band has met with a considerable amount of criticism, but continue to be themselves, like this college’s namesake.

David Kato – Ghost

You are a complete mystery. As the newest college, Kato has a gated community feel, recalling this cult-like band, with their cryptic appearance and nameless band members. People are still trying to decode the mystery of David Kato. Seriously, I know one Katonian, and am yet to meet another.

Constantine – Vampire Weekend

Rightly or wrongly, you’re associated with private school and having a lot of money. Yet, there may be many layers beneath the preppy reputation that defines the college. Much like this band, whose fusion of seemingly incongruous genres certainly challenged and reimagined conventions, you are more open minded than people think.

 Wentworth – The Beatles

As a post-grad, you’ve been knocking around for a while and have transcended the other students here. Like The Beatles, you have probably changed dramatically over the years, adopting various styles and becoming a completely different person. This band’s discography went through many experimental phases before concluding with the more mature songs such as Let It Be. Similarly, you’ve done every possible thing the uni experience entails but are now hoping for a more peaceful, meditative environment to prioritise study.

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