Here’s which York Uni college the Winter Love Island cast would each belong to

Ron is the epitome of a James boy

The second-ever Winter Love Island is in full swing. With several bombshells, dumpings and the drama of Casa Amor, this heated drama is taking priority over all of our degrees.

Some of this year’s contestants already attended university, but since I’m sure you’re all wondering, here is which college all the 2023 Winter Love Island contestants would be in if they were students at York:

Ron: James


Let’s start with the most obvious answer. Ron belongs to James College. The boy-dominated, sporty college is home to boys who love to play games and have a passion for leading girls on. With catered accommodation, it’s made for Ron and his amazing cooking skills. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to wash up either. This financial advisor, with his Essex accent and cheeky smile, thinks he has the whole package when really he talks nonsense. He could still probably convince all the James girls that he’s the man of your dreams. If you come across a man like Ron whilst at York, run because he’s probably from James.

Jessie: James


This personal trainer is kind, real and confident. She would defo be in this sporty college, right next to the Sports Centre. She’d absolutely play centre on the James College Netball team and I can see her being the Head of Sport on the James College Committee. Plus, I reckon she would give those James boys a run for their money and reject them all.

Shaq: Halifax


Shaq has morals and is a caring guy, I also don’t mind admiring those muscles every night. Halifax is home to some of the best people from York Uni (aka me). Everyone thinks it’s a low-tier college, but once you actually take a walk around you realise it’s got the most welcoming, cosiest feeling. Shaq would definitely sit you down for a deep chat in JJ’s, and make you feel safe whilst walking down the alleyway after your 6pm lecture.

Kai: Alcuin

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This Manchester lad claims he has three degrees from three different unis, so there’s only one place for Kai, Alcuin. Alcuin is set between the chemistry building and the library and is known as the most studious college at York. As well as being a science and PE teacher, he doesn’t give me the impression that he is clever, but someone from this show has to have some brains and take one for the team.

Will: Vanbrugh

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Will’s snazzy and wholesome personality is only fit for Vanbrugh. Everyone needs Will at their pres. This college is a popular choice, just like Will. It’s also one of the more expensive colleges, and this fabulous man has made some money not just from his sheep, but his millions of TikTok followers prior to the show. You just know he would be at Jazz night every Monday, twerking on the tables.

Tanyel: Constantine


Being the most expensive college, Constantine has boujee island kitchens, TVs and ensuite rooms. Tanyel would belong here. She was open about the fact she spent £4.5k on surgery before entering the villa, showing she’s got some spare money to treat herself. This girl will pay whatever the cost to live in luxury, and I’m here for it. Rip to your time on the show girl boss.

Lana: David Kato


David Kato is the newest college at York Uni, that’s why this queen deserves a fresh, modern place to live. It’s fun, vibrant and popular, the perfect place for this sweet girl. Plus she’ll be on East, far away from Ron, so he’ll have to chase her if he wants her that badly. Running back to him was a big mistake though, so might have to place her in band two for that one.

Olivia: Anne Lister


Anne Lister gives me hotel reception vibes. I can see Olivia as a bit of a boujee gal who likes to be spoiled, therefore living here would feel like an endless weekend away for her. If she didn’t get modern accommodation she would refuse to go uni altogether. She definitely got into York from clearing and got put in Halifax but complained and room swapped with someone on Facebook. 

Zara: Langwith


Everyone who is from Langwith loves to live there. And loves themselves, just like Zara. It’s good for parties, staying up all night, skipping lectures and being forever hungover. Zara would thrive in this atmosphere, just make sure Tom is far away after she’s had a few drinks or she’ll lash out.

Tom: Derwent


Derwent is that college you don’t realise is bad until it’s too late and you’re living there. Tom seems like a typical lad who would spend all of his time in D-Bar and Courtyard or gripping onto VKs in Flares. He’s definitely starting to grow on me, just not the best with the girls he chooses.

Ellie: Goodricke


Goodricke is that college that everyone forgets about. It’s never really in the spotlight, like Ellie, just stood there nodding her head and never really giving her opinion. Maybe I’m wrong but I’ve never met a person from Goodricke, and always wonder whether it’s secretly got a lot to offer.

Aaron: Fairfax


Is Fairfax even part of the uni anymore? The people there are in their own little world, far away from the action on campus. That’s why this Australian would live in Fairfax. I’m sorry to put him here, but I literally saw him speak once during his whole time on the show, sorry babes.

Tanya: Wentworth


Wentworth is the only postgraduate college in York. Being a biomedical student, Tanya seems to have her degree as her priority, maybe after Love Island. Even better, she will be separate from any freshers trying to give her the ick like her ex.

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