Reported ‘machetes’ near York halls turns out to be ‘two men playing with light sabers’

North Yorkshire Police said: ‘We are just very pleased that there was no threat to anyone’

Reports of someone with “machetes” near Uni of York student accommodation blocks turned out to actually be “two men playing with light sabers”.

Police were called to Abode, York student accommodation in the Navigation Road Area, at 7:48pm yesterday (Sunday 5th February) to reports of a man with what a member of the public believed were two machetes.

Police officers attended the scene and “thankfully, found two men playing with light sabers.”

Images shared on social media last night show several police officers at the scene.

The North Yorkshire Police told The York Tab: “Although the call was not as first reported, the person calling in did the absolute right thing in reporting their concerns. We are just very pleased that there was no threat to anyone.”

Featured image via Google Maps and Instagram. 

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