Campus style: New Year, New You

You are stepping into the new year right

We asked Warwick students: Is it ok for anyone to wear a bindi or a sari?

‘They can’t just pick and choose which parts or accessories of Asian culture that they like’

Fashion mistakes all girls made in the 2000s

Including the obligatory ‘scene’ phase that you wish you could forget

Three easy trends you can try, and nail, this summer

Being trendy doesn’t have to be complicated

Campus style: New weather, new wear

Going out with style

Campus style: Reading week edition

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most fashionable of them all?

Campus style: February fashion

Warwick students are slayin’ as per

VOTE: Who was this term’s most stylish Warwick student?

The hunt continues

Campus style: End of term edition

Watch them strut their stuff in the piazza

I spent a day wearing Crocs to uni because apparently they’re fashionable

And documented my meltdown as it happened

Campus style: Sweater Weather

You spent your reading week planning your #ootd, didn’t you?

I dressed like a fashion blogger for a week and it wasn’t that hard

I felt a little ridiculous at times

Campus style: The Coat Edition

It’s not autumn until you’ve paraded your tailored coat

Campus Style: Layering up for Autumn


Campus style: First week back

Warwick might just be the new fashion capital

Campus style: The Freshest Fresh

We all know you planned these outfits days before you moved in

Campus style: Stressed but well dressed

Because even if you’re struggling in Term 3, you’re doing it with style

We can tell where you live on campus based on how you dress

Walk, walk fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy