These are the best places in Leam to spend Valentine’s Day alone

Because crying in a nice location is better than crying in your room

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Usually associated with teddies, chocolates and lukewarm chicken and rice made by your gym bro boyfriend. For those of us who aren’t lucky enough to experience that, spending the day alone might be the next best option. Whether you’re single or in a long-distance relationship like me, here are the best places you can take yourself out on a date and practice some self-love – away from the couples that will be everywhere on the most romantic day of the year.

1. Jephson Gardens

It can actually look quite nice.

What better way to ruminate on your singlehood than by going for a walk? Jephson Gardens is filled with nature, fountains and screaming children. Get your steps in and wonder why you’re there alone. I’m just kidding, but spending some time in nature reading a book or just walking around will definitely lift your spirits.

2. Red Hot Mamma

Contrary to what it looks like, I wasn’t actually alone here

Want to see as little love as possible? Not only does Red Hot Mamma arguably have the best pizza in Leam, it also has individual seating booths in cute little beach huts that mean you don’t have to see any of their other customers while you tuck in. A great choice if you, like me, hate everyone.

3. Kung Fu

Don’t let this picture deceive you. My friends practically had to roll me home after this meal.

Something about being alone on Valentine’s Day makes you want to gorge yourself, and I’m not one to judge. Kung Fu has two menus, one for Chinese food and one for Japanese, making ordering as much as you can physically eat possible. They also have a buffet in the evening with a set price meaning you can have sweet and sour chicken and sushi on the same plate. Who needs a significant other?

4. Ann Summers

Why not treat yourself to some Valentine’s Day lingerie that no one will see?

If you’re alone on the 14th, what is better than some self-love? Take a trip to Ann Summers, dodge the confused-looking guys in the underwear section, and get yourself something so that you can – ahem – enjoy yourself. Stop blushing – we’re all adults here.

5. Spoons

No matter how sad you are, you can always drink.

If you want to avoid romance, there’s no better place to be than the Benny Satch. Order yourself an obscenely cheap pint, invite some mates and drown your sorrows. You’ll be well away from all the couples in nice restaurants, and you can turn what would be a rubbish night into a fun night out.

6. Vue

Didn’t have any other pics of Vue except this one that Chris took

There are some pretty good films on right now, and sitting in the dark means no one will realise that you’re on your own. If you want something with absolutely no romance or cuteness, I recommend M3GAN, which is going to be the next cult horror movie, Avatar: The Way of the Water, which is long enough to make you forget that you’re single, or The Whale, which has been dubbed as life-changing.

7. Smack

Not quite Smack but pre drinks before going

What day of the week does February 14th fall on, you may ask? Tuesday. What else happens on a Tuesday? Smack. I actually heard that Rishi Sunak is going to change the name of the second day of the week formally to Smack Tuesday. If the last thing you want to be thinking about is love, head to Smack and have all your thoughts drowned out by D&B.

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