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Developments in the Duncan Sim missing persons case

Police are appealing after sightings of a man in the Kinkell Braes area near East Sands at around 3am

St. Andrews ranks in Top Ten for Student Experience in the UK

The Times Higher Education survey has placed us amongst some of the top in the country

MISSING STUDENT: Duncan Sim last seen Wednesday night

If you saw him or have information call police immediately saying you have information on a missing person- Duncan is featured on the right in the photo

Breaking: St Andrews has rejected the UUK offer to end strikes

This means that strikes will probably continue

UCU accuses St Andrews University of threatening strike staff with cutting maternity leave

According to UCU basic rights for staff have been threatened

Weather warning for Fife continues as university comes to a standstill

Library closures, lectures cancelled and a whole lot of snow

St Andrews lecturer has given students a template encouraging them to complain to the Principle in solidarity with the strikes

The Head of Teaching for Geography gave students an email template to complain to the Principle

Lecturer strike officially ‘likely to go ahead’

Departments have opened up office hours for those concerned about the strikes

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New university hall will cost over £9,000 a year

St Andrews is already the second most expensive place to live for students in the UK

Plans revealed for two weeks of staff strikes at St Andrews

These will take place during term time

University of St Andrews staff overwhelmingly support strike action over pensions

Over 90 per cent of University of St Andrews staff said they were considering taking industrial action over pension concerns

Second year house has put Louis Theroux as the star on their Christmas tree

So you can get Theroux exams

St Andrews places third in The Times and Sunday Times rankings 2018

We’ve done it again

St Andrews ranked in the top 100 universities in the world

Above Edinburgh, of course

St Andrews reacts to the snap election news

Theresa May announced a general election at 11AM today, we took to the winding streets of St Andrews to bring you the views of the public

The last sinners of term has been cancelled

The sports night has been cancelled due to high winds

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