Get excited to vote: The battle for the Notts BNOC crown continues in round two

Recognise your favs?

Welcome to the second round of The Tab Notts BNOC 2024 competition. We’ve had some incredible nominees and round two is just as spectacular. In this round there are another four of your nominations and it’s down to you to decide who will make it all the way to the final vote.

Only the contender with the most votes will make it through so make sure to cast your vote below.

Anuj Savani, UoN, third year sports and exercise science

Anuj was nominated for regularly disappearing for hours because he knows “literally everyone in the club” and because during second year “every girl thought they were in a talking stage with him and he was completely clueless to it all.”

Most embarrassing club story: “Injuring myself on a VK bottle – I also have two VK bottles in my hand, specifically orange”

Best pickup line: Country road…

Why he thinks he should win: “Errrmm I shouldn’t be”

Maisie Henham, UoN, fourth year biochemistry

Maisie was nominated for being “somewhat of a celebrity in the chemistry department” and for constantly bumping into countless friends in Ocean.

Most embarrassing club story: ” I fell down the stairs in the club and broke my ankle”

Best pickup line: “If I were an enzyme, I’d be DNA helices so I could unzip your genes”

Why she thinks she should win: “My CV is looking empty”

Soham Patwardhan, UoN, third year electric and computer engineering

Soham was nominated for “knowing everyone and everything about Nottingham.” After running the Notts Buy/Sell Snapchat story since 2021 where he even helped someone find somewhere to live, everyone now knows him like “a celeb.”

Most embarrassing story: “After necking multiple VKs all night in a club I threw up in the smoking area and got kicked out by one of the welfare staff. I bumped into the same guy five days later who asked me if I remembered him”

Best pickup line: “I may not be a dentist, but I’ll surely take care of that smile of yours”

Why he thinks he should win: “I’ve been running a Snapchat story called Notts Buy/Sell since 2021 which has amassed over 1,500 members over the years. People consider me to be more helpful than the uni at giving information”

Clarise Castleman, UoN, Master’s mental health research and practise

Clarise was nominated as she can’t “walk onto campus without 15 people stopping” her and for “personally knowing all the bouncers, DJs, and photographers.” She even had to make a spreadsheet of people invited to her birthday to stop it getting out of hand.

Most embarrassing club story: “Being papped kissing a celeb”

Best pickup line: “Shoot your shot with this cougar and you might just score”

Why she thinks she could win: “Known across all age groups, over the past four years I’ve taken campus by storm. FOTC isn’t just a name it’s a lifestyle. Need to skip the queue to the club? Don’t worry about it. If I’m not in the NU Dance corner, find me behind the decks. Afters at mine (dress code: Shirt and tie)”

Cast your vote for who you think should go through to the final:

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