How to have a productive Easter as a Notts student

Easter holidays are far from being a break with all the deadlines getting closer

Exams approaching and all the distractions of home comforts, family and friends can make the Easter break very challenging. Sometimes it is very difficult to maintain your motivation for revising when you get home, but it must be done regardless all the distractions. Here are a few tips for staying motivated and working during the Easter break while still taking full benefit of staying at home:

Get a weekly planner

This will be your best friend. You may be the type of student who sets daily goals, but once Easter arrives, these goals become frustrating because you may spend the day with your family or friends and not accomplish what you had planned for that day. To avoid this, weekly to-do list will give you more flexibility and will relieve you of the feeling that you are falling behind with your revisions.

Find the right place to study

The university library or study areas are ideal to do your revisions, and it can be difficult to create the calm atmosphere at home. However, I found that working in my community library or a coffee shop in town can be just as productive. Try to find a location separate from your home where you can recreate the same working environment in which you successfully studied at university.

Start using the Pomodoro Technique

Scientists have confirmed that the key to being more focused, creative, and productive is to have breaks during your study sessions, The Pomodoro Technique is a popular time management technique developed by Italian Francesco Cirillo, which consists of working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break before repeating the process. By doing so, you will be helping your brain handle information, keep it and memory intact and a more effective way to study without distractions. Perfect for doing your diss.

Do not be hard on yourself

It’s perfectly fine to take a few days off to reset and refresh, but don’t let this turn into a week-long break. The best thing to do is to stick to a strict but adaptable revision plan, be realistic about your abilities and what you can accomplish during the break, keeping in mind the time you will spend with your family and eating chocolates.

Stay optimistic

Think about how happy you will be when you finish your exams and work towards that goal. You will feel so much more prepared if you stay productive over the Easter break. You’ve got this, think about how good summer is going to be.

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