Notts grad Avi on The Apprentice makes it to the final 10 and releases his best rap to date

You can’t help but love him

The Apprentice started six weeks ago and Avi Sharma, a recent Notts grad, has not just been making an impact on screen. Since the show began he has amassed a following of nearly 24,000 on TikTok and 10,000 on his Instagram where he shares raps which summarise the events of the challenges each week. Although his team lost this week’s challenge, Avi has officially made it into the final ten of the competition.

Some of the stand out lyrics from this weeks rap include: “Fire in my belly, I was born for the top. Couple lost, couple won, that’s the life of a boss”, “Simba done it, brought the profit in, when I scribe this pitch, tell me should I add the stuttering?” and “Sun is high take, em’ outta the heat. When I jumped on the camel, had his head by my feet.”

You can watch it for yourself below:

Avi’s team lost but he managed to avoid the bottom three saying: “When we touched we were in for a surprise, cos the guests wanted 60% off of the price! Jesus! Only right they get a refund, paid for the drinks but they really didn’t see none. Joe got sent home, kinda sad now that he’s gone, but I’m glad it wasn’t me son!”

Each week Avi manages to have us all captivated by his banging tunes, only time will tell though whether he can make it all the way until the end.

Featured images via BBC and @avitv_ on TikTok.

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