All the best Valentine date night ideas for Notts students

All you need is love

Valentine’s Day is soon upon us, and if you’re like me, the sound of those four fateful syllables might fill you with something like dread. Whether you have someone special to share it with or not, unless you’re taking it easy on this year’s day of love with some Dairy Milk chocolate and a romcom, you’re going to have to get planning your date soon. Never fear.

No matter the status of your love life or your bank account, we’ve compiled a list of the best date night ideas in Nottingham involving the one thing bound to get you into your date’s good books: food. From budget friendly options to a more luxurious night of food, here are all the best date night ideas:

Supermarket rock-paper-scissors

Starting off with an idea for anyone on a tight budget, one way to make your midweek date night a bit more exciting is to do a trend you might have seen recently on TikTok. It involves going to your nearest supermarket, and picking out a three-course meal for the two of you by playing Rock Paper Scissors. The winner of each round gets to decide what you eat for each respective course – better make sure to win, and don’t forget your trustee club card to get those deals.


For the introverted couples who just aren’t fussed with making bookings for Valentine’s Day, baking can be a really fun date night. It is also a good way to see how your partner handles stressful situations, like realising you forgot to let the butter melt to room temperature or you used plain flour instead of self-raising. It’s a bonus if you get something sweet at the end of it.

The easiest and tastiest recipes to collaborate on are probably cookies, brownies, or a combination of the two. And, if you’re feeling too lazy to actually make the food,  why don’t you grab the M&S heart-shaped biscuit decorating kits which have been all over my TikTok for you page recently?

Cheese and wine night always hits the spot 

Brie mine? To any couples who were hoping to spend a romantic getaway in Paris but can’t fork out the cash to go international and still want to make an effort to feel like a love struck pair of parisiens, grab a camembert, garlic bread, and a bottle of wine from your closest supermarket.

The best tried-and-tested method is to trace a diagonal grid into the top layer of the cheese, then drizzle minced garlic, honey, and thyme all over the top and put it in the oven for 25 minutes while you open the wine. If you’re not a fan of camembert, most big supermarkets do cheese selections which include various cheddar and fancy Wensleydale tasters.


Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship during uni will probably tell you that their go-to date-night location was Sushimania. Firstly, even if you’re not a fan of standard sushi rolls, the chicken gyoza is reason enough to go. Plus, it’s half price at lunchtime or after 10pm – and all day during February and March except Valentine’s Day. What more could you want?


If you and your partner want to treat yourselves to a nice dinner but don’t want to leave the comfort of your undoubtedly very clean and romantic student house, ordering food is a great option. Personal favourites include Five Guys if you fancy splashing out on the upscale version of a post-night-out Maccies, or Domino’s if you really want to give them a pizza your heart.

The Cumin Restaurant 

Back to the restaurant options for couples who prefer to go out, this family-run Northern Indian and Punjabi restaurant is offering a three course Valentine’s dinner for just £31.95, with the option to choose from either the set menu for the day or their main menu if you prefer. With poppadoms on arrival, a wide range of exciting dishes to choose from, and red velvet cake for dessert, what’s not to love?

Marco Pierre White Steakhouse

Finally, if you and your significant other want to go all out for Valentine’s Day, Marco Pierre White Steakhouse at the Alea Casino Nottingham is a great option. While a  four course Valentine’s Day dinner will set you back £55 per person, this fine-dining restaurant chain is owned by the first British chef to be awarded three Michelin stars, so it’s definitely a must-try for anyone really looking to make date night special.

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