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Uber drivers are striking for 24 hours in Notts today

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Uber drivers in Nottingham are going on strike for 24 hours, starting at 1pm today, joining their colleagues in both London and Birmingham.

The walkout was called by the Independent Works Union of Great Britain (IWGB), who said drivers are demanding an increase in fares to £2 per mile and a 10 per cent reduction in commissions paid by drivers to Uber; an "end to unfair deactivations and that Uber respect worker rights".

Being unable to use the service tonight will effect student nights out across the cities. Adam Galligan, a second year Industrial Economics student said: "I'm going to miss the convenience and cheapness of Uber when I go out tonight."

Olivia Wilson, a second year English student, said: "Uber is always a comfort at the end of the night due to the fact that they have to uphold a certain standard guarantees a safe and comfortable trip".

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No Uber for you today

The protest will take place outside Uber’s offices in each city at the start of the strike, hundreds of drivers are also expected to take part by not signing into the app.

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Tweeted by @IWGBunion this morning

James Farrar, one of the two employees who took Uber to court in 2016 and IWGB's united private hire drivers branch chair, said: “We ask the public to please support drivers by not crossing the digital picket line by not using the app during strike time.”

However, one student that we spoke to doesn't believe they should get a pay rise. Olivia Morel, a second year English with Hispanic Studies student, told us: "In London, black cab drivers have to memorise all the London routes and take a test and Uber drivers don't have to do any of that, they just use google maps – so, if anything, the cab drivers should get a raise!".

While, John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, showed his support by retweeting an announcement of the strike posted by United Private Hire Drivers, a branch of IWGB, writing: “I support this strike for better employment rights and urge others to respect the app picket line.”

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