‘I spend £250 a month and regret nothing’: Meet the people who are well and truly addicted to Uber

This can’t be normal

Uber is one of the greatest inventions of all time. If you don't drive, or live somewhere with bad public transport, it's the only viable option.

While normal people might use it after a night out when the buses have stopped, or maybe to get to the train station with a lot of luggage, these people are different. They're addicted to Uber and for them, it's a way of life.

These Uber addicts use the taxi service on a daily basis, using it as their primary mode of transport. They'll even take an Uber ride down the road when it would have taken less than five minutes to walk.

Why walk when you can be driven?

I spoke to a few Uber addicts to find out how often they use it and how much money they actually spend. It was eye opening.

Sophia, 20, spends up to £200 a month on Uber

I use Uber mainly from uni to my friends house, which is only a 25 minute walking distance. If I have to walk 15 minutes to the train station I always just call an Uber instead. Whenever the weather is not very nice, which is almost everyday in the UK, I choose Uber over walking. It's just so much easier and more comfortable than walking, and I have no self control. I have been known to use Uber four times a day. I think I've spent £800 on Uber in the last five months, it's no surprise I'm so broke.

A typical bank statement for Sophia

A typical bank statement for Sophia

Marc, 19, spends £250 a month on Uber

I use Uber especially when I am late for my lectures and during rush hours – I hate taking the tube during rush hours because its so crowded. I spend around £250 on Uber monthly depending on how much I use it. There have been times that I just wanted some food but couldn't be arsed to walk seven minutes, so I just call an Uber to the supermarket and one for the way back, it's just so effortless. I'd say I spend around 25 per cent of my money just on Uber and UberEats. I don't know what I would do without it.

Isaac, 20, spends £800 a month on Uber

I only started using Uber when I went to Portugal for my internship. I used to use normal cabs but Uber is way better than cabs. UberX is cheaper than normal cabs, but I mainly use Uber black when I am going out just because I like the treatment I get. You get a really cool driver and I feel more comfortable – I'd rather pay more if I can get my money's worth. During the two months I spent in Portugal I spent around £1500-1600. Once you go Uber, you can't go back.

Isil, 25, spends up to £1,200 a month on Uber

I use Uber whenever I am in London, because I'm always with group of people and it can be cheaper than taking the tube. Also it is more convenient for me to use Uber instead since I don't know London very well and don't want to get lost. Last time I was in London I spent around £200 on Uber in five days.

Also, Ubers are the amazing to take selfies, who doesn't like a selfie in the backseat of a car?

Their drivers can be super cute sometimes, giving chocolate to the passengers or even having a wifi on the car, which makes you even more addicted to Uber.

Uber gets you in front of your house and drops you off exactly where you want. Thanks for being there for me Uber, I love you.