Gap yah and oh yah: Here are the seven things you need to qualify as a ‘rah’ in Jesmond

Live laugh rah the local Jesmond Waitrose 

With the closing down of Leazes (rip) there is the question of where the “rahs” will go, but alas do not fear Jesmond is the hub of the mullets and quarter zips, the Leazes survivors’ ends. With Waitrose as its local supermarket and Osborne Road being a swarm of Tom Trunks, signet rings and hearing “rah” being said unironically. Hate it, or love it, Jesmond is the southerner safe haven, and you really can’t beat a £2 Tuesday in Soho Jes, followed by Holy Hobo.

So, on that note here are some of the things you need to qualify as an official “rah”  in Jesmond. Please note, after living in Jesmond for only six months, I myself have become a basic Jesmond girl to my core, (so no offence is intended here). My brother is even one of the rahs I am talking about here…. (as pictured below)

The North Face Puffer Jacket

The North Face quite frankly needs no introduction. It’s the uni (more expensive quirky Depop) version of “rah” school uniform. It can be scorching hot (FYI in the toon, this is over 15 degrees) and the BNOCS are still committed to their trusty North Face.  To qualify as a true “rah” southerner, however, you need to be more dedicated to wearing your North Face puffer in all seasons, than going to your 9ams on a Thursday after sports night…

A gap ‘yah’

Common catchphrases in the Leazes dining hall include “Well Monty when I was in Bali on my gap yah…”. 

To truly be Leazes through and through at any given opportunity you should mention your life-altering gap year, where you presumably did a ski season followed by travelling around South East Asia, where you “found yourself”. To go the extra mile please wear your Thailand elephant trousers to nip for your sweet treat from Waitrose. 

Skinny scarves

 Do the scarves protect you from the trenches that is the Toon weather? Nope, not in the slightest. Do they make you feel edgy and different? Oh absolutely. What they lack in practicality, they make up for in fashion. They are the perfect “rah” £2 Tuesdays on Osborne Road statement piece.  However, if the thought of paying £25 at Urban Outfitters for the tiniest bit of material makes you feel queasy (I know, cries in broke student). Vinted is well and truly your best friend in the skinny scarf department. 

Longchamp bag 

The uni school bag. Do you put your £1,000 MacBook in it to protect it on the way to uni though? Nope, they simply carry their laptops around campus, with no care in the world (praying for them they at least have Apple care) …


Adidas Sambas are the Jesmond trainer of the year. If you don’t know, get to know. They are the ideal trainer to throw on to make you look put together in Phil Rob when you seem to bump into everyone you know (think ex-bestie, ex-situationship galore). However, if you’re going for originality please be prepared to see everyone and their mum, dog, aunty, sister, or half-cousin wearing them around campus. 

Pret subscription 

Live laugh love an iced oat vanilla late.

I’ll get a degree from Northumberland Street Pret at the end of my three years here. Do not be fooled by the idea of aesthetically working in Pret though, the likelihood is you will spend more time yapping with your friends and listening to the post-Soho Wednesday hangxiety-filled debriefs on the table next to you, than doing your seminar readings… 

A niche holiday you think is unique but isn’t actually unique

Did someone say Split? Cannes? Kalkan? Val Thorens? You think you are just going on a family holiday and then the next thing you look at Snap Maps and realise the entirety of Leazes are on holibobs with you (guilty as charged). 

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