Tributes are being paid to Archie Day after his tragic death in October

‘He taught me to live my life with a more open heart’

Archie Day's friends described him as charismatic, thoughtful, and vibrant, a person with a kind and open heart who was always there to listen. Archie took his own life in October of 2018 in his first year of studying broadcast journalism at the University of Salford in Manchester.

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Archie had previously struggled with depression. Last week, after much campaigning by both Archie's dad and The Manchester Tab, The Daily Mail and The Sun agreed to change headlines which trivialised Archie's death by putting it down to the loss of his phone.

Archie’s friends and family have come together to give their best memories of him, remembering his infectious free spirit and rare ability to entertain whoever he was with.

Maya Cameron, Archie’s friend

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Obviously I have no way to put into words what he meant to me but Archie was honestly the most pure and kind person I've ever known, he was literally every type of friend you could want or need. He’d help me with my English work, talk to me about boy problems and once he literally drove me all the way home just because I forgot my glasses.

He was really just one of a kind and I doubt I’ll ever be lucky enough to find another person in my life like Archie. He wore these insane suits, I remember this baby pink one and once he sat in gum and literally had to sit through English in shorts, stuff like that would happen all the time and he’d just brush it off. He always got too drunk at parties, was always the loudest person in the room, which is saying something coming from me, and he was just always always there. Even on my off days, he’d always be bright and cheerful and happy to see me and I'll never forget his massive smile.

There really aren’t enough words to do Archie justice, he was one in a million and I feel so honoured to have known him, and if his loss has taught me anything its to live my life with a kinder and more open heart because that's how Archie treated people every day of his life.

Billie Burgess, Archie's friend

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I used to live next door too Archie and grew up with him through primary which I have some great memories from: we used to push our garden trampolines into the corner of our gardens so when we would jump up we could speak to each other across the pathway between our houses and used to laugh and see who could jump the highest. As well as playing out in our village together with the other kids in primary who were allowed to play out on the heath. He always used to have the most random memories he’d remind me about which was a great skill Archie had, he had a great memory – when we was younger it was all fun and games and he was always a great friend.

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When sixth form started he joined the school I went to and we had a laugh before going to parties. He would put on Mac Miller and knew all the words because Mac was his favourite artist as well as us all coming together to sing the classics like Sweet Caroline in my garden.

Archie would always be positive around others, put on a brave face no matter what he was dealing with, and always provide entertainment for everyone. Archie could be strange at times but that’s what made him unique, he was a wonderful person and he’s taught not only me life lessons, but everyone else and has had a massive impact.

Madeline Baker, Archie's friend

Archie was one of the most open and honest people I ever knew. No matter what he was feeling, he was not one to hold back or care what anyone else thought. It made him such a funny and brave person, an infectious personality that you couldn’t help but love.

Everyone knew Archie and everyone had a funny story to tell about him, and he would never hesitate to tell you his own interesting and hilariously weird memories too. I admired the motivation for his YouTube channel, something Archie was passionate about.

He loved clothes and music and would tell anyone who would listen about the things he was interested in. I am so sad that Archie is gone, but he made such a mark with his short life that it feels like he could live forever through the strong presence he had on all of our lives.

Anonymous fellow Journalism student and friend of Archie

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Archie and I always someone that I got along with well. I’m a student journalist myself and just feel like there have been injustices done to Archie that he didn’t deserve. He was such a nice, honest guy.

Rory Marrow, Archie's friend

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Archie was the most incredible person I've ever met. We spent 17 years together, from whole summers playing out on the Heath as kids to Friday nights at Bacchus in our late teen years. We shared an incredible number of highs and lows and I wouldn't change any of it.

Sometimes you meet someone who is more than a friend, more than a best friend, and that is what Arch is to me. I find it hard to try and put into words just how much Archie meant to both myself and all of his family and friends because he truly was one of a kind. You would always know when Arch entered a room, cause he’d make sure that he was the loudest person in it and he’d also make sure that he was entertaining everyone around him.

I think about Arch everyday, I wonder what we'd be talking about, what he’d be doing. What hurts most is not having someone like Arch to talk to anymore. He was always there for me when I needed him and I was there for him. He had an aura and a way of always making me smile, no matter how I was feeling. He's had such an impact on my life and given me unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for that Arch, love you mate.

Joe Collins, Archie's friend

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Known you since we were so young, but only really became close in the last few years, and honestly I'm so glad we did. Even after years of not seeing each other, when we both arrived at our new sixth form school, I felt like we had been best mates throughout the years!

He could talk to me no matter what mood he or I were in, and whatever mood we were in before, he would be able to turn it around. He would feel a sense of duty to help everyone and anyone around him, and there aren't many like that. I will miss the jokes, the play fights and all the mucking around we did ridiculously!

A shame just isn't enough to explain it, his life cut so short. He was special, we all loved him for it, and no matter what anyone has to say otherwise, we all knew him as Archie Day, a beloved guy in everything and with everyone he had anything to do with.

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Archie's friend Rory has set up a JustGiving page, where he has raised over £5,300. All donations will go to MIND – a mental health charity. You can donate here.

All photos provided by Archie's friends and family