Leeds student protest set up to ‘reclaim Headingley stadium alleyway’

The event aims to raise awareness about violent assaults on women in the Headingley area

Following the recent assault in Headingley Stadium Alleyway and the petition launched in response to it, Leeds students have organised a meet-up this Friday 30th October at 12pm to ‘reclaim’ the alleyway and raise awareness of the numerous assaults currently occurring in predominantly student areas.

The meet up is taking place outside Headingley Stadium Car Park F on Friday 30th October from 12pm onwards and there is a Facebook page dedicated to the event to provide more details. Students are encouraged ‘to hand out posters and flyers, and raise awareness of the increasing acts of sexual violence, assault and gang rape happening in the alley around Headingley, and in Leeds.’

Rhiannon Griffiths, Secretary of LUU Debate Society and Political & Campaigning Officer for Abuse Awareness society posted to Facebook: “The police have not been vocal about what is happening and what they are doing to help those living in the area”. She went on to discuss how the meet up aims to “keep people safe and put pressure on the local council, police and MP Alex Sobel to do something”.

The petition to implement safety procedures in the alley now has over 8,000 signatures, illustrating just how pressing the matter is to the local community.

The petition has gained almost 9000 signatures since being set up four days ago

The petition set up by Bethany Welsh reads: “The alley that is located next to the Headingley Stadium has had several cases of gang rape, sexual violence and assault. Women who walk down this alley are unsafe as they have been targeted for many years.

“It seems that no action has come from these crimes and I feel that something needs to be dramatically changed. Some form of safety procedure needs to be implemented in this alley so women are not at the hands of this dreadful abuse.

“No woman should ever feel like they are in fear whilst walking. I think it’s time we all came together to raise awareness of these dreadful crimes that are continually happening. It is time that women feel safe.”

The protest on Friday is importantly COVID safe with masks and social distancing encouraged by the organisers to ensure the safety of the event.

The Tab Leeds will be reporting the meet–up and if you are thinking of attending be sure to stay safe and message the official Facebook page or email them at [email protected] if you have any queries.

Featured image: via Instagram @fresh2deathuk

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