Petition launched after ex-student assaulted near Headingley stadium

It already has over 2,600 signatures

A post grad student at Leeds Beckett university was assaulted in an alleyway by Headingley Carnegie stadium on Thursday evening. A petition has been launched to make the area safer for women to walk at night.

Alice, who is now a special needs teacher, took a cut through down an alleyway and was approached by multiple men who pushed her to the ground and removed her trousers. Alice was able to escape, but came away from the incident with numerous grazes to her face, and continues to have nightmares about the attempted attack.

Alice told The Tab Leeds she knew the area was unsafe, but was simply trying to run an errand: “I’m post grad Leeds Beckett student, and I am special needs teacher now. I was just walking over to drop some stuff off. I know that area isn’t safe, but I was trying to do a short cut but it’s narrow, dark and really cut off. I know it can be so tempting to just cut through but it’s not worth it.”

Alice’s tweet gained a lot of attention, with numerous commenters saying the area was dangerous

In response to Alice bringing light to the dangers of the area, a petition launched by Bethany Walsh aims to get Leeds City Council to “to implement some form of safety procedures in the Headingley Stadium alley to prevent sexual violence and assault”.

It currently has 2641 signatures, and reads: “The alley that is located next to the Headingley Stadium has had several cases of gang rape, sexual violence and assault. Women who walk down this alley are unsafe as they have been targeted for many years.

“It seems that no action has come from these crimes and I feel that something needs to be dramatically changed. Some form of safety procedure needs to be implemented in this alley so women are not at the hands of this dreadful abuse.

“No woman should ever feel like they are in fear whilst walking. I think it’s time we all came together to raise awareness of these dreadful crimes that are continually happening. It is time that women feel safe.”

Alice told The Tab Leeds: “I’ve had so many messages. Most good, but some people who want to share their opinion on the fact I was alone or what I was wearing, which is gross but I guess that’s what happens when you open it out to the public.”

One person shut down a negative response to Alice’s Tweet

Alice continued: “I haven’t felt quite so unsafe in Headingley as I do right now, and I’ve been here for 4 years. Just avoid the alley completely, and walk the long way round.”

You can sign the petition here.