The results are in: These are your LUSU Officers for 2024/25

Voting has been open Tuesday 5th March to Thursday 7th March, with results announced Friday 8th March


Your LUSU officers for 2024/25 have been announced.

Over 4467 people voted in this year’s election, choosing between 24 candidates to fill seven positions. There was also an option to Re-Open Nominations (RON).

Here are your Full-Time Officers, and Liberation & Campaign Officers.

Full-Time Officers:

President – Cerys Evans

via @cerys.evans.16 on Instagram

Cerys Evans received 1389 votes. This beat 276 votes cast for Matthew Lamb, 823 votes cast for Nathan Mooney, 630 votes cast for Owen Coppack, and 720 votes cast for Shlok Sagar. RON received 148 votes.

Education Officer – Harrison Stewart

via @harrison4education on Instagram

Harrison Stewart received 1692 votes. This beat Huseyn Guliyev’s 600 votes, Joshua Chooyin’s 309 votes, and Tom Cross’s 954 votes. RON received 144 votes.

Wellbeing Officer – Ella Smith

via @ella_for_wellbeing on Instagram

Ella Smith received 2002 votes, beating 711 votes cast for Joe Innes and 631 votes cast for Will Oliver. RON received 230 votes.

Activities Officer – Jack Watson

via @watson4activities on Instagram

Jack Watson received 1281 votes. This beat 650 votes for George Collins, 551 votes for Kyle Bailey, 454 votes for Sky, and 954 votes for Thomas Porter. RON received 144 votes.

Liberation and Campaign Officers:

International Students’ Officer – yet to be confirmed

Students with Disabilities Officer – Em & Charley

Em & Charley received 1575 votes. This beat 1224 votes cast for Pavan Bhamidipati. RON received 406 votes.

Women+ Students’ Officer – Millie Ni-Elle Ashton

via @millienielle on Instagram

Millie Ni-Elle Ashton ran unopposed and received 2683 votes. RON received 552 votes.

Featured image via Lancaster University Students’ Union website.

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