What sets your Students’ Union President candidates apart from each other

We interviewed your candidates for this year’s election to get to know them a little better

The candidates for the 2024/25 Students’ Union President have been announced, and with voting opening on Tuesday 5th March, we asked your candidates some questions about themselves and their manifestos.

All candidates were asked what their main priority is, how their personal experiences have shaped their manifesto, and what sets them apart from their opponents.

You can find their manifestos here.

Owen Coppack

Via @owencoppack on Instagram

Owen has previously been the president of Furness College. His main aims are to champion colleges and JCR executives, continue cost of living support, encourage voter turnout, and change the student experience with LUSU. His number one priority is “to ensure that all students are represented across the university and nationally with the cost of living crisis.” He told us that he thinks “the rent structure across campus is unacceptable… students cannot afford it.”

Having been the president of Furness College, he thinks this experience has helped shaped his manifesto. “I understand the struggle that JCR execs have because I experienced them and I’d like to empower and support the colleges and exec as much as physically possible.”

“I think we have really tough race this year with great candidates running especially ex presidents. I am sure many of us have experienced a LUSU that does not represent students to their best ability and I want to change that.”

Cerys Evans

Cerys is LUSU’s current president. She has fought and won funding for free food for students and a rent freeze for specific on-campus accommodation. Her main aims are to put on the best Welcome Week in the North West, introduce better rewards and recognition for student leaders and volunteers, and to improve digital systems. Her number one priority is “ensuring students get the best possible experience at university”. She said, “…because I’m already in the role I’m actively part of planning next year’s events and I’ll be confident in the role when it gets here.”

“My campaign is quite different this year – being in the role I’ve learned that throughout the year you are constantly refocusing back on your manifesto promises… I’m working directly with student leaders right now during campaigning to craft mini-manifestos focusing on what they want from their President.”

When asked what sets her apart from her opponents, she said “I have a proven track record of being a (wheely!) good LUSU president… I’m confident I will deliver results again next year.”

Shlok Sagar

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Shlok is the current president of Grizedale College and aims to enhance the student experience, focusing on affordability, safety, and unity. Shlok’s main aims are to make campus life more affordable, ensure more cost-effective, safer and more reliable transportation options, and to strengthen the connection between the SU and individual colleges and societies.

Being the president of Grizedale College has shaped his manifesto: “It has prepared me to lead a successful team, and create a positive environment full of passionate people because a good team is the first step in making big changes, which I believe I can do.”

When asked what sets him apart from his opponents, he said “I know the ins and outs of college runnings and being an international student, I can bring in a fresh perspective to how the SU can successfully work to support all students at the university.”

Nathan Mooney

Nathan has previously been the president of Lonsdale College and a trustee on the board of the Students’ Union. He has also sat on disciplinary and complaints panels for the university. His main aims are making student life cheaper and more accessible, creating a union that is “proactive, not reactive”, and creating a union that gives back to students. He said, “I believe that everyone deserves a union that actually serves students and meets their needs, and I believe I can deliver that.”

Matthew Lamb

Matthew is a Union Assembly Delegate and current VP Media for Pendle College. His main aims are to leave the NUS, oppose strikes, protect free speech, balance the budget, end harm reduction drug policies, and improve college autonomy. He said, “Choose change for efficiency, common sense, and liberty.”

Elections for Full-Time Officers open Tuesday 5th March at 10am.

Featured image via  @cerys.evans.16 on Instagram, @owencoppack on Instagram and @shloksagar_ on Instagram.

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