It’s officially spooky season: Lancaster named the fourth most haunted place in the UK

Data was collected by BonusFinder to determine the most haunted towns and cities in the UK


As we all gear up for Halloween in a couple of weeks, Lancaster has been ranked as one of the most haunted cities in the UK, according to BonusFinder.

The rankings were determined by the number of cemeteries, the total vacant properties, the amount of houses built before 1918 and the number of paranormal reports.

Salford was named the number one haunted area, while Brighton and Lancaster are tied for fourth place, having been assigned a spooky score of 8.1/10.

According to BonusFinder, Lancaster’s most haunted locations include Lancaster Castle, The Three Mariners and St Mary’s Churchyard.

Lancaster has more houses built before 1918 per 10,000 residents than any other UK area, with a total of 17,130 houses or 3,632 per 10,000 people. BonusFinder’s research has also revealed that Lancaster boasts 15 cemeteries, 8,937 memorials and 3 officially reported “paranormal activities”.

Lancaster Castle has previously been a prison, a courthouse and a place of execution. Many staff and visitors have previously reported witnessing ghostly apparitions and spooky situations on the castle grounds.

Reports of the paranormal are not uncommon for Lancaster residents, with many students reporting ghostly sounds and visions. The Grand Theatre is also rumoured to be haunted, with visitors and actors claiming to have witnessed a ghostly figure near the balcony.

The full ghostly report from BonusFinder can be found here.

Featured images via BonusFinder website.

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