Over 30 Lancaster Univeristy lecturers call for ban on meat at food outlets on campus

They are supporting Plant Based Universities, who work in 50 universities across the country

Over 30 Lancaster University academics have signed the open letter calling for a ban on meat products in food outlets at UK universities.

The letter, organised by Plant Based Universities UK, has been signed by nearly 900 notable signatories.

The letter calls for UK universities and student unions to commit to moving towards exclusively serving sustainable plant-based food options, in order to help the climate.

The Lancaster signatories include Director of the Lancaster Environment Centre Professor Kirk Semple, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology Distinguished Professor Peter Atkinson,  and Professor in Energy & Climate Governance, Rebecca Willis.

In a quote to the Lancaster Guardian, a Lancaster Uni student and Plant Based Universities representative said: “Lancaster University has recognised that the climate emergency, sustainability, and the environment require urgent action, pledging a commitment to becoming net-zero by 2035.

“It is evident from research that there must be an acknowledgement that current food systems, heavy in animal-derived products, are a key driver of the climate and ecological crises. Shifting towards a plant-based catering system is the logical next step.”

Rebecca Willis, Professor in Energy and Climate Governance, said in a quote to the Lancaster Guardian:  “Reducing our consumption of meat and dairy products is an essential part of the journey to net zero. Showcasing plant-based food at universities is a brilliant way of introducing people to healthy, planet-friendly dietary options.”

As an organisation, Plant Based Universities is active at over 50 institutions across the country, including Lancaster University. The Universities of Stirling, Cambridge, Birmingham, Queen Mary, London Metropolitan, Kent, and University College London have all taken steps towards realising the goals of the group.

Speaking to the Lancaster Guardian, a spokesman for Plant Based Universities said: “Lancaster University could well be the first northern university to make this vital shift and be part of a national movement to build a kinder, safer, more sustainable world.”

Featured image via Lancaster Guardian.

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