Lancaster Police captures runaway goat after chase leads to traffic chaos

The escaped animal has been nicknamed ‘Houdini’ by police

Lancaster Police have captured a runaway goat after a “lengthy pursuit” caused traffic chaos.

Nicknamed ‘Houdini’ by local police, the goat led officers on a chase through Bowerham and down to Wyrsdale Road last Sunday before being captured safely.

The chase occurred during the Highest Point festival, and the goat was seen near Williamson Park where the event was taking place.

Lancaster Area Police thanked Wolfwood animal rescue for their help in rescuing Houdini, along with a staff member from The Ashton Bed and Breakfast for his help in transporting the goat safely.

“We are relieved to say we caught the evasive goat who we have affectionately named Houdini,” Lancaster Area Police said in a statement on their Facebook page.

“Other than being scared, our new friend seems well and unhurt.”

Featured image via Lancaster Area Police on Facebook.

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