Lancs students: Here are 11 things to do on campus when you want a break from studying

It’s getting to that point in the term where the library is your second home, but it doesn’t have to be!

We all know that the end of term can get to you, and we all need a little break from the library sometime – whether it’s mental or physical. Here are some suggestions as to where to go and what to do on our lovely campus if you need to clear your head or do something fun.

Go sit by Fylde and watch the ducks

We all know that the ducks are the life and soul of the campus, so zoning out with a Costa next to them might be one of the best things you can do, especially now there are ducklings out and about.

Have a games night with some friends

Whether it be at Barker House Farm with their mass of board games to borrow, or even just at your flat or a room in the library, grab a game and get competitive.

Stargaze with LUAstroSoc

We are lucky enough to have an incredible AstroSoc who have access to a semi-professional observatory on the rooftop of the University Physics Department with multiple telescopes to use. Get in touch with LU AstroSoc and you too can have the opportunity to check out some stars.

Try out a new society

Check out the LUSU website, or even just have a peruse on Instagram, and find out how many societies we have. There is genuinely something for everyone, so DM their social media if you have any queries, and go along and try something new!

Go watch a film

Lancaster University is fortunate to have our very own on-campus cinema, courtesy of Take2Lancaster. Check out their Instagram to find out what they’re showing, grab some popcorn and enjoy.

The Woodland Walk

We all know and love the Woodland Walk, but it is still definitely an underrated bit of campus. Take a mate or a listen to a podcast or even just your thoughts, and take some time in nature to calibrate after this term. You’re doing so well!

Grab a drink at one of the bars on campus

Every college has their own bar, so this is a great opportunity to try out one you maybe haven’t been to before, or go to your regular haunt. If you’re at a loose end one evening, grab some friends and check in with them over a pint.

Look at the fish by LICA

Head up to the top of campus and go see the fish! There are multiple bodies of water dotted around campus, and the pond by LICA is one of the lucky ones that contains fish. Fish spotting might be a nice break from your work, and you can hone your inner child while doing so.

Grab a coffee with a friend

Not only do we have a Costa and the Deli, but there are places like Pendle Brew and the Marketplace are just as good to fulfil your caffeine needs, and make the perfect opportunity to catch up with a friend.

Go to an Edible Campus or Green Lancaster session

Both Edible Campus and Green Lancaster run weekly events and sessions free for everyone to go to. Edible Campus run Action Days on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and aim to educate people about sustainable food production and consumption. Green Lancaster runs initiatives such as ECOWoods, as well as occasional sessions in Alex Square.

Use one of our music practice rooms

Finally, whether you’re musically inclined or not, the Cartmel Music Room is free to book out. If you want to start a band, have a little karaoke session or just practice your instrument, you can book out a practice room and make noise to your heart’s content.

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