Feeling fragile? Your hangover cure based on your Exeter Uni degree

Of course, Law students never stop the grind

Our different degrees can sometimes define how hard we sesh and how we rise back up on top – depending on how imperative it is to make that 8:30AM lecture. When we’re faced with the consequences of our actions (being that we ordered WAY too many TP Venoms), we all handle our pains differently. Some like to be early risers and deliriously make their way to campus, whereas others cannot even bear to see the sunlight. Our degrees are the sole reason we are at University of Exeter, but of course, we still dabble in a cheeky night out from time to time (or day by day depending on how feral you are). So, with this in mind, here’s a list of the hangover cures based on what course you do. Don’t come at me. 

1. Maths 

I first want to check in and hope that you’re okay. The person who studies math gives off the vibes that their hangover cure involves black coffee and a cigarette whilst calculating how many units were drunk the night before. They can never take the day off from being a genius. 

2. Business/Economics 

You’re either a finance bro or a girl boss if you study this degree.  The first thing you do to alleviate the pains of tequila sitting in your stomach is check your finances. As soon as your eyes open, you are checking that Santander to make sure you haven’t gone over your weekly budget (you definitely have). A person studying this degree also gives the impression that they do this over a bowl of cornflakes and an instant coffee with one sugar. Points for originality… I guess? 

3. Law 

Having lived with Law students, I know you’re a productive go-getter bunch. If you study Law, you naturally wake up at 7AM, you hit the Steven Bartlett podcast, head into the kitchen and make your homemade protein shake. You then either head to the campus gym, Pure Gym or Sidwell’s Leisure Centre. You guys are not the ones to hang about. You don’t let your hangover stop you from greatness.

4. Engineering 

Whether you like it or not, being an engineering student is a hell of a commitment when it comes to workload. How else are entrepreneurs born? Despite this, you’ll still party even though you have an 8:30AM lab the next day. You have no time to rot in bed. So, you crack the Monster open and go to class operating machinery you might be too over the limit to use. Then to reward yourself from dragging yourself to class, you treat yourself with a BLT meal deal from the Marketplace. Job well done (even if you did it completely wrong). 

5. Sport science 

These are the sort of people on social media we both love and hate because they’re so productively active in lifestyle. Your typical hangover cure might involve an easy 5k run to Double Locks then stopping off at Sunset Society for a coffee whilst you deliberate your Strava entries with fellow sport science degree-ers. You guys are the try hards of the uni. 

6. Languages 

There is only one thing language students are doing to cure their hangovers and that is being on Skyscanner to check the next available flights. Perhaps if you leave the country, you might not regret all those Jager bombs? You are always planning the next trip and the next holiday. Just anywhere to escape the hangexity from TP Wednesday. But, after finding out you spent all your money on VKs and Venoms, this is no longer an option. So, you order takeaway from your favourite restaurant instead. 

7. Medicine 

Being a medicine student, you KNOW the effects of alcohol and how bad it is for our health. But that doesn’t stop you from getting blackout in TP or Fever. Your degree is hard and so, you have no option but to get FERAL. Even if that does mean you start checking your own pulse in the middle of Old Timers, nothing stops you from having a good time.

8. History 

As a history student, you’re probably a fiend for a TikTok rotting session. You spend the most of your hungover, head pounding morning watching an EastEnders in parts one, two and tree all through TikTok. You eventually get up around midday and treat yourself to a Brody’s. You get on with your life since last night’s antics is all ancient history now, eh? 

9. Geography 

If there’s anyone who’s taking “touching grass” seriously, it’s going to be geography students. Your hangover cure probably involves going to Dawlish or Exmouth. You also decide to take a refreshing cold-water swim in an attempt to mask the hangxiety. Fish and chips might also be your takeaway hangover cure cheat.  

10. English 

I don’t speak for everyone who studies English, but as someone who studies it, I can tell you that most of us romanticise our hangover cures by bed rotting like we’re Bella from Twilight (New Moon). Instead of making breakfast we’ll order Uber Eats and romanticize that too by thinking we’re made of money.  

11. Drama 

People think that just because you take drama, it means you’re also dramatic… and they’re probably right. The cure to a hangover that a drama student faces probably involves deleting their private story and then going to Campus for your twelve hour rehearsal. It might not be a cure but at least you’re not hungover by the end of your day, right? 

12. Psychology 

Lastly, we have psychology students. In my opinion, you guys tend to party hard, so hard in fact that you usually find an afters once TP closes at 2AM. You guys then stay up until the early hours of the morning from just yapping and having deep chats with your friends. At that point, there’s no saving the hangover. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a mindset.

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