Fridays with Edie: Struggling with motivation

I hate everything x

“Hi Edie, I’m really struggling with motivation in the final month of term. Any tips to help me through these last few weeks?”

Oh dear. Out of all the questions I have been asked, this is probably the most challenging. I have no idea what to tell you, this is going to be the blind leading the blind. I am going to be totally transparent with you in the hopes that my honesty will help you know you’re not the only one.

As a third year in my final full term of uni, this question hits hard. I am so behind on diss work, constantly have huge essays to submit, and on top of it all, need to manage post-grad work. Needless to say I feel burnt out. I’ve said this before, but I still think it rings true: You cannot, and must not, overwork yourself. If you’ve got the horrendous cold that’s going round, try not to stress out when you feel like you can’t work. Take a break.

“But Edie”, you ask. “I took a break and now I feel like I’m way behind in all my work”. If you feel like the work is piling up around you, take it day by day to get through it. If you have a deadline approaching while you’re ill, do a little bit every day and it won’t feel like much. These are all very basic tips because I too feel exactly like this and am quite frankly at my wits end… sorry.

One thing that has been dragging me through this never ending term is the knowledge that we are nearly there. Term is nearly over and you can enjoy a well earned break. Then it is time to write your diss and revise for summer exams (yay!) I do love the fact that summer is on its way. I can look out of the window and the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and you don’t have to leave the house in several layers. Take an umbrella with you, though, I am not enjoying the spring showers.

The bottom line is: Everyone is in the same boat. The work feels like more because you have less drive to do it. I seem to have an allergy to the library at the moment. You must remember to take care of yourself when you’re feeling unmotivated and burnt out. That is the most important thing. As important as uni work is, you’re not going to get anywhere by letting yourself rot away behind a laptop screen, neglecting both your physical and mental health. Go for walks, take nice long showers (and don’t listen to your housemates nagging you about the water bill, you do what you want: I’m sure they do). Be kind to each other, because everyone is going through the exact same thing.

Oh yes. I forgot the most powerful motivational tool of all – buy yourself something nice. Treat day, you deserve it! Even if you have achieved nothing.

I said I would give you advice, I didn’t promise it was going to be good.

Hope this helps,
Lots of Love, Edie x

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