Here’s which Love Island All Stars celeb you’d most relate to based on your Exeter degree

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It’s been almost five years since Dr Alex George entered the villa and became Exeter Uni’s greatest claim to fame (feel old yet?) Even I have to admit I felt a weird pang of nostalgia as I sat in the business school and binged the first season of Love Island: All Stars – for research purposes, of course. Much like the Love Island villa, Exeter is home to some pretty iconic and insufferable characters. So, as we sit anxiously by, waiting to see which reality TV star Exeter will churn out next, I’m here to answer the one question that keeps you ALL up at night: which Love Island All Stars member are you based on your degree?

Drama: Georgia Steel

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This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Georgia graduated from St. Mary’s University with a degree in drama – and it shows. Promptly cast as the villain for this season, Georgia has really thrown herself into the role, taking home the prize for “Sneakiest Islander” at the prestigious PDA Awards. Like any committed drama student, Georgia has a “do it for the plot” mentality and has mastered the art of crying on command.

Sports science: Toby

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Aside from the fact that he plays in a very minor football league, something about Toby just screams sports science. Perhaps it’s his enviable amount of energy (he must really send those medics up the wall) or the fact that, if it wasn’t for that boohooMAN brand deal, he’d be wearing exclusively workout gear.

Postgrad: Arabella

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I’m bending the rules slightly here, but it had to be done. Arabella’s return to the villa called to mind the image of the disillusioned Master’s student. Like any postgrad, Arabella spent the majority of her time onscreen harping on about how old she was (she’s 32), while trying to relive her silly fresher days.

Classics/Ancient history: Callum

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Slightly unexpected, I grant you, but let’s not forget the time Callum Jones declared: “It’s mad how much history Greece’s got, innit?” I’m pretty sure every ancient history student has uttered those words at some point in their life – maybe at the exact moment you submitted your UCAS form? Like Callum, you’re only just coming to the realisation that a fleeting Percy Jackson obsession and a mild infatuation with Hercules is not enough to see you through your degree. Devastating.

Philosophy: Georgia Harrison

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Like Georgia H, you philosophy students like to ponder on life’s BIG questions. When you’re not desperately searching for meaning, you enjoy sitting on a pedestal and coercing everyone you know into a group meditation session. Sure, you may not have claimed to have seen your situationship’s dead grandpa, but let’s face it – it’s probably only a matter of time. After eventually realising that existentialism won’t pay the bills, you hastily set your sights on a law conversion.

English: Anton

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I’m sorry, but Anton is such an English girly. You’ll never catch him rawdogging his laptop up Forum Hill – that man wears his tote bag with pride. With his round specs and his soft boy energy, he’ll likely be found nattering away in Queen’s, while single-handedly combatting toxic masculinity: “Be a man, not a boy.”

Psychology: Kaz

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If you study psychology, you’re definitely the Kaz of your friend group. A selfless queen: You spend 90 per cent of your time handing out free therapy sessions to your friends and finding ways to justify their delulu antics.

Film: Chris

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Like Chris, you’re a unique blend of deeply intense and totally unserious. You pretend to be edgy with your chest tats and your nose ring, but we all know you took a panic Gap Yah and set out to find yourself in Indonesia (Chris totally did btw, look it up!). Chris is a true film boy and definitely the type to rock up late to seminars, having barely done the reading, and proceed to play devil’s advocate for the best part of two hours.

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