Here’s an ultimate fresher’s guide to all the neighbourhoods in Exeter

Yes, you want to get a place on Vic Street


Finding a second year house was quite literally one of the most chaotic experiences in my uni career (okay, slight exaggeration) but it is not fun, especially if you’re unsure where to look. There are many things that are needed to be taken into account: Proximity to campus (and more importantly TP), the amount of hills required to walk up, is there a corner shop for last minute alcohol runs – the list goes on! Luckily, this list of student neighbourhoods should give you an idea of where to snatch up a house, and where to avoid at ALL costs.

Vic, Springfield and Union

Nicknamed the golden trio, you know you’ve won at the Exeter housing market if you secure a pad on one of these three roads. You’ve got The Vic Inn and Saunders on your doorstep, as well as a close proximity to both town and campus, so it really doesn’t get better. Your only issue might be music getting blasted and drunken screaming until the early hours of the morning, but hey, that’s all part of the uni experience.

Pennsylvania Road

Another area that should be at the top of your list, some of the best houses are absolutely on Penny Road. Granted you will bump into every person you have ever met walking up and down this hilly street, but sacrifices have to be made. Penny Road places arguably host the best parties, and are so close to TP that staggering back home on a Wednesday evening will only take a matter of minutes (subject to how many Venoms were consumed).

Blackall Road, Danes Road and Hoopern Street

Possibly the most underrated neighbourhood around (as long as you are not put off with having the prison right next door). These roads are close to town and campus, and if you’re looking for an area with a slightly more chilled vibe then they’re probably for you. Plus, Exeter Central station is super close, which is ideal for those summer Exmouth trips.

Mount Pleasant

Okay, you’re getting a bit further afield here, but if you don’t mind the longer walks to lectures, then it’s really not that bad. You’ve got Henry’s Bar around the corner (who doesn’t love their poker chip payment scheme?) and you’re sure to hit 10,000 steps every day. I wouldn’t say Mount Pleasant is the most ideal location, but it’s not the worst either.

Old Tiverton

Another underrated spot, Old Tiv is deceivingly close to town, and has The Sunset Society to cure all of your caffeine needs – you could even join their Sunday run club. The houses tend to be big if you’re looking to move in with a crowd of people, and honestly, I don’t hate it here. I decided to ask one of my friends who lived on Old Tiv during their second year if there was a downside, to which he bluntly said: “It’s a bit irrelevant”. So, unless you care about “the relevance” of your road in the grand scheme of life in Exeter, I say go for it if you’ve found a place on Old Tiv.

Pinhoe Road and beyond

I recommend Pinhoe Road and anywhere beyond if you’re an avid hiker, and enjoy long morning treks to make it to your classes. Let me make it clear, those 8:30am seminars are just not happening for you, especially if you got a little too loose the night before. I suppose you’ve got Aldi up the road, but apart from that, Pinhoe does not get the stamp of approval from me.

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