The newest Exeter night out: We went to Suit Sessions to see if it was worth the hype

Is it time to trade in the sesh for Suit Sessions?

Live music is your best shout when you want something more low-key than a feral club night. Luckily, Exeter’s favourite, Monkey Suit, have started their brand new “Suit Sessions”, a live music showcase followed by an indie after-party. After a big turnout at the first session, here’s what you should expect for the next one.

The Suit Sessions bring a whole new vibe to Exeter’s nightlife with a laid back yet fun vibe. The whole event is organised by students for students every fortnight.

There’s something for everyone, from indie artists to rock bands, with different impressive talent each session. Whether you are signing up as a performer or looking to enjoy some class music, The Monkey Suit will not disappoint.

The spacious bar and expansive stage offer the ideal live music venue, with plenty of room to dance, if like me, you have a fundamental need to embarrass yourself as soon as you hear music. Not to mention there are exclusive deals on drinks for you to enjoy all night, 8.30 lecture be damned.

This event allows student artists to put themselves out there by sharing their music with a friendly crowd. You can follow their Instagram if you want to know how to sign up to perform.

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