How your Valentine’s Day is going to go if you’re single based on your Exeter Uni degree

No matter what, rosé will be featuring

Ah, the dreaded Valentine’s Day is here or, as we like to call it Galentine’s. Whether that’s getting paralytic on tequila or organising a cute dinner with your friends, we’ve covered all possible avenues for how your Galentine’s will go. And of course, we’ve judged this solely based on your degree, as all the best scientific articles are…

Medicine: You’re getting drunk drunk

If you’re a medic, you’re getting spontaneously drunk drunk with the girls. What was meant to be a few glasses of civilised rosé will quickly descend into a chaotic and wild night out. We’re talking celebrating with some tequila shots, dancing your heart out and screaming cheesy tunes with your besties. Suddenly you’re crying on the toilet, having drunk called your ex (multiple times) Everyone is looking for you, it’s safe to say you are the liability of the group.

Marketing: Wholesome dinner and drinks

You’ve gone all out to plan Galentine’s this year. For you, Valentine’s Day is simply an excuse to dress up and hit the town. You’ve researched the best restaurants for a cute but affordable dinner with the girls. Possible venues include Hubbox, The Botanist, and Artigiano’s to name a few. You’re definitely the mum of the group with this impressive level of organisation.

Law: Working at the library

Unlike the others, law students completely ignore the occasion in its entirety. For you, it’s just another Tuesday night, and you’ve got a summative due next week. The grind doesn’t stop for love. Don’t worry maybe you’ll find a new lib crush here.

English: You’ve been inspired by Miley to buy yourself flowers

Who needs a man to buy you roses, when you can pick out a beautiful bouquet on Tesco Clubcard?  You know what self care is all about, and Miley’s tune is definitely on your recently played. Be sure to expect stares of jealousy when you strut back home with your flowers, pretending you are in a loving relationship. You sure know how to romanticise the hell out your life, you must be an English student. Nothing beats grabbing a tub of Ben n’ Jerries and cosying up in front of a soppy rom-com, pure bliss.

Economics: Downing a bottle of cheap wine before Batty Bingo

You might study money, but you’re the cheapest night out around. You’ve made sure to pre-hard for Batty Bingo (A.K.A before 6pm) You’d rather down a cheap bottle of wine from Saunders than involve yourself in any silly Valentine gimics, after all they’re only contributing to the inflation rate. Batty Bingo is the place for you, cupid might even strike here. What better way to spend Valentine’s than with the love of your life, numbers! Knowing your numeracy skills, you may even get lucky and win a prize.

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