We asked and you answered: Here’s what Edi students are giving up for Lent this year

From ‘sinful sex acts’ to ‘smoking’ here are the temptations we’ll be struggling to resist

Whether you’re Christian, atheist, somewhere in between or something else entirely, Lent can be a good time to give up your guilty pleasures for six weeks – whether those be junk food, TikTok or even your new situationship.

Over here in Edinburgh, students are maybe not taking Lent very seriously and while shockingly we didn’t get one mention of giving up Cowgate (or Hive), here’s what students are going to abstain from over the next 40 days:

“Uni work”

I think that one only works when you’re in first or second year when your grades don’t actually count


I wonder which tradition is older – Lent or people promising themselves that they’ll give up smoking?


One hit of a Lost Mary would send any small Victorian child into a coma

 “Men that don’t like me back”

This temptation should be resisted all year round

“Doing my flatmates’ dishes for them”

This will last a week (or until you can’t stand the stench of your kitchen anymore)

“Romance novels”

When Bridgerton and ACOTAR are no longer the substitute for romance you hoping they would be

“Men” (10 different times)

I would’ve been more surprised if this one wasn’t submitted at all


Ladies, don’t just assume that you’re safe

“Falling in love”

Someone failed at cuffing season then


If you remove Instagram, how will you keep up with the masterpiece that is Match Making Mondays???

“Group projects”

Who on earth ever thought it was a good idea to make 40% of a person’s grade dependent on the (in)competence of other people?

 “Scottish boys”

You do realise that you chose to live in Scotland, with Scottish people right?

“Sinful sex acts”

But if you don’t give into one or two of your carnal desires, how else will you survive exam season?

“My situationship”

Have you ever tried explaining what a situationship is to anyone over the age of 25?

“Lame ginger boys who don’t match my energy”

The realisation that not all ginger boys are as devoted as Prince Harry

“Sweets, crisps, chocolate, ice cream, cake, any food that gives me joy”

You may be healthier, but at what cost?


If I only achieve one thing this Lent, it WILL be avoiding scabies


For £80 for a ticket, I’m not sure if anyone will be able to afford to not give this one up

“Pollock boys”

The sooner we learn this lesson the better

“Buying drinks at clubs”

Easy, just get someone else to buy them for you :))


Nothing ruins my mood and my self esteem more than seeing my Hinge likes


Did you know that it was a bread shortage that sparked both the French and the Russian Revolutions? Maybe just be a wee bit careful before completely giving this one up (yes, I am a history student)

“Being a bad bitch”

Some are born bad bitches, some achieve bad bitch status, and others have bad bitchiness thrust upon them


Fortunately, 4/20 falls very far after Easter this year

“Alcohol (watch me regret this)”

For those who failed at Dry January, here’s a chance to try again


Giving up TikTok is Generation Z’s version of giving up coffee

“Confusing, emotionally and sexually charged close friendships”

A cannon friendship in everyone’s lives, I fear

“Brushing my teeth”

Well its not like dentist registers weren’t hard enough to get onto before they started getting taken up by people who can’t practice basic hygiene

“Hoeing it up”

Nooo, you’ve got to get the practice in now for Hot Girl Summer

“Shopping for clothes and makeup”

If the girlies give this up for six weeks, how on earth will Depop, Urban Outfitters and Space NK stay in business?

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