Here’s why Stockbridge is the best place to live in Edinburgh

Marchmont walked so Stockbridge could run

Whenever I am asked the question “Where do you live?” people react to Stockbridge in three different ways. The most common, “where is that?”, either displays simple geographical ignorance or worse, a genuine unawareness of its grandeur. Stockbridge is so much more than a neighbourhood: it is a lifestyle.

The second most popular response is: “Oh so you’re posh.” Yes, this place might be associated with Barbour jackets and privilege, but that’s not an illness: just an unfortunate side effect of taste. Just like the Main Library lifts, Stockbridge might attract a certain type of person, but it doesn’t decrease its value.

Finally, the third reaction (my personal favourite) is: “Shut up.” This response clearly shows a proper appreciation for Stockbridge. Hopefully after reading this, I will have convinced you to reside in the third category and, one day, in Stockbridge.

Firstly, where is that?

Stockbridge is in the north-west corner of the New Town. Reaching this destination might be disheartening for those innocent wanderers who ended up in what I call the New Town Maze but every great location is surrounded by some obstacle.

The New Town Maze is a rather boring one once you know the trick to escape it: look out for this statue – Royal Scots Greys Monument – on Princes Street, and the man is facing exactly the right direction. He is at his core a Stockbridge girly: a passionate horse girl looking at the Le Creuset shop (or the Five Guys). Facing the sea, you will notice a church, St Stephen’s, with a clock resembling a full moon when you are walking at night drunk, from a night out.

That very clock tower not only marks the beginning of Stockbridge, but it also features in every photo of one of the most famous streets of the capital. Every Edi student must, at some point, walk down that cobbled path leading to Dean Village with a pastry from Lannan Bakery. Romance is in the air at all times: Stockbridge is the ideal background for a main character moment.

And what’s there?

This neighbourhood with a village-like atmosphere has got everything you need: countless charity shops, independent cafés serving delicious coffee (checkout Fortitude Coffee for an unforgettable double espresso), and a Sunday market with local products and cute boutiques, all allowing you to leave the cruel, touristy world of the Old Town behind.

This place really does suit everyone: gym lads and lazy Sunday strollers all meet in Inverleith Park and the Royal Botanical Gardens. Both parks are superior to the Meadows – you can properly take a breath of fresh air away from the university.

The food and drink scene is far more exciting than most areas of Edinburgh, with The Last Word, Satine Saint Stephen and Skua all being sublime spots to end the perfect day.

I sincerely hope you will not only pay a visit to this fantastic location, but also join the Stockbridge lifestyle: one that doesn’t fear the trek to uni but embraces it.

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