Clubbers of the Week: Hangovers have begun in Week One

New year, same drinking habits x

And we’re back kicking off the New Year in style… if you could call it that. Edinburgh may have been silent over Christmas but fear not for the stunners, heroes, and creepers have returned, more stunning, heroic, and creepy than ever. Sit back, relax, and maybe re-evaluate your New Year’s resolution to stop drinking because Clubber of the Week is here to remind you what you’re missing.

Stunner of the Week


The pose, the top, the flame – she is giving everything

Runners up

Name a prettier friendship group…I’ll wait

If I had smiles like them I would never stop smiling

I think I just found the love of my life

The happiest I’ve ever seen anyone at a WhyNot Wednesday

Creeper of the Week


I would be jealous of that guy’s moustache too

Runners up

This picture is too intimate. I don’t like it.

You could be a little less obvious bro

Oh he’s definitely plotting something…

Cheeky little photobomber

What I think I look like on a night out vs what I actually look like

Third Wheel of the Week


Me vs my friends on New Year’s Eve

Runners up

Somebody didn’t get the memo

I don’t think this picture was meant for you bud

Wanker of the Week


It’s only cool when the girls do it

Runners up

Such a wanker I had to put you in twice

Make 2024 the year to ban men from doing this hand pose

And this one too

Say it with me! STOP MEWING IN HIVE

“How many days did you drink this week?”

Hero of the Week


Not all heroes wear capes but they do wear mullets

Runners up

From wanker to hero… redemption arc?

This man knows how to get the party started

The people’s princess

Carrying the bucket or carrying the whole club?

Heroine of the Week


MASSIVE fan of the fan – the makeup, the hat, save some glamour for the rest of us

Runners up

Refresher in one hand, drink in the other, this girl means business on a night out

This girl has single-handily revived the finger gun era and I am here for it

Main character energy

WTF Moment of the Week


This picture is weird but it gets even weirder when you realise that the funnel of choice is a crutch

Runners up

At this point this article might as well be a Refreshers ad

Someone took being the designated driver a bit too seriously…

Physically at Subway, mentally at Halloweekend

I wonder what song sparked this reaction

Album Cover of the Week


This is what Weezer looks like in my head

Runners up

That fan was a paid actor

I feel like I’m watching a scene of Euphoria

The smile, the pose, the charm  – this man is perfect

This is the only picture that could tempt me to go to WhyNot

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


I think the photographer forgot to say cheese

Runners up

I mean I get it…if I had to work at WhyNot I’d feel the same

Me when I wake up at 9:01 am when I was meant to be at a lecture at 9:00 am

How can someone look so hungover when the night has just begun?

Not a single thought behind those eyes…hope you’re okay girlie

I am DYING to know what that text said

Wow, clubbing looks so fun!!

Best of the Rest

If she’s that mesmerised by a Refresher, wait till she gets to Pizza Paradise

This is the most wholesome boys night out I’ve ever seen

How many days of uni did you miss this week?

Cloakroom? I don’t know her

It’s his world, we’re just living in it

I wonder what bet he lost

“You’ll never guess who I met at Hive last night…”

Is there a spot in your friendship group and can I take it?

I think only one person was expecting that kiss

So close, yet so far

Photographer credits:

Subway Cowgate: David Stewart

The Hive: Thomas Image Photography

Why Not Nightclub: Keelan Bond

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