Clubbers of the Week: Everyone ate in Week Eight

If you wore a hoodie and jeans to go clubbing on Halloween get a grip

Whether you’ve spent the past two weeks on a liver-destroying bender, probably wearing the same outfit the entire time, or you decided to just go hard for Halloween itself I’m impressed you made it into a club – the scariest thing this week was the queue going to Hive.

From Halloweekend last week to last night, here are some of the most iconic scenes from Cowgate and beyond:

Stunner of the Week


Suspiciously prepared for this photo

Runners Up

Group costumes  >>>

Not convinced you should’ve been trusted with a sparkler but at least it made for a good pic

Triple the danger, triple the aesthetic

Creeper of the Week


I feel uncomfortable

Runners Up

“Sorry we’re out of VKs”

I can’t tell if you’re going to hit me, rob me, or say something that verges on harassment, either way please leave

Did he bring a cardboard cutout of himself??

I thought this was a normal pic at first – then I saw the baby

Wanker of the Week


Spoiled for choice for wankers this week

Runners Up

If I see another guy doing this exact pose I’m out of here

That one friend who always complains about the groups choice of club (they suggested Hive)



Hero of the Week


The camaraderie of clubbers when someone loses something on the floor is something else

Runners Up

Who would win a conga battle – the bananas or the copy-and-paste crew

If you need to break through the crowd this is the guy to go to

A hero for surviving a club job during Halloween

Heroine of the Week


nine ams on a Thursday are meant to be missed

Runners Up

Just write the whole of Thursday off at this point (also maybe happy birthday?)

Everyone needs to be this dedicated to the bit

If we had a ‘happiest clubber’ section she’d definitely win

I don’t know what business a microphone has in a club (wooden spoon supremacy) but slay

WTF moments of the Week


This would stop me from sleeping if I turned around to see this

Runners Up

When you see the moon

Clearly only one person here got the memo

Taking your costume a bit too seriously there

With that look you know there’s some history there

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


How do all four of you not want to be there

Runners Up

That time of night when you become painfully aware that you’re in Hive

How I act vs how I feel when someone says “let’s get another shot”

Me to the randoms pulling up next to me

When you’re already having a bad night and some kid comes up to you and asks if you want to help him steal the moon

Best of the Rest

This really deserves its own category

Locked and loaded

I want to hate this picture but for some reason I don’t

Good luck getting out of TAMA after making that threat (this counts an award!)

The stare into the lens, the shocked face, the Mario brothers, this image will be studied in the future

How has this happened two weeks in a row

I respect the lights those things probably scratch like hell

Apparently I need to go to WhyNot more often

For once everyone (including the photobombers) are actually looking at the camera

Photographer Credits

Subway Cowgate: David Stewart

The Hive: Thomas Image Photography

Why Not Nightclub: Keelan Bond

Horror Story (Potterrow): Neil Stewart

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