How to survive your next Hinge first date in Edi

Let’s leave the ghosts behind for the tourists and brave the dating scene!

Dating in this day and age might seem disheartening and only for the brave, especially with the myriad of TikToks on red flags, Tinder disasters and therapy-Tok. Oh, and those tarot card readings saying your ex will come back? Don’t be delusional.

How can you prepare for the dating scene now that cuffing season approaches? Whether you just got out of a relationship and fearsome drama or are a hopeless romantic like me who’s watched Bridget Jones way too many times, here’s the ultimate guide on how to survive your next Hinge date in Edi:

Spoiler alert: it is not what you expect!

Seize the date

I know what you might think, “should I not talk to them a bit first?” No, you want to carpe diem and save all your brilliant chat for the date. That will save you the stressful 4-hour wait for their replies (who is even that busy?) and have you immediately realise whether you’re a perfect match. I promise that securing the date will be as satisfying as grabbing that seat in the Law Library during exam season.

Do not talk to your friends about it

Another unpopular opinion that many of you who fear getting kidnapped (or, even worse, dragged into the dungeons that line Cowgate) refute. Still, there is a bonus in keeping it a private business affair: you will not be influenced by your friends’ scepticism. Peer pressure at uni is real, and too many times, I ignored my gut feeling. Follow your heart.

Be upfront

If you wish to do some damage control, say from the beginning what you want. They don’t know? It means they don’t want what you want. It’s like deciding which club to go to with your pals: their indecision to go to Big Cheese is probably a very polite no.

Modesty is a waste of time

Yes, this might turn you into an arrogant prick on your first date, but if you know you’re good at something, don’t hide it. Nothing is sexier than confidence. No matter how many things you might be insecure about, focus on what you like about yourself (even if it’s being a Hive regular).

Be memorable

Now, this guide is slightly turning into how to smash a job interview (and in all fairness, the sexual tension between a Karen and a manager at work can really be compared to a Hinge first date). The person you matched with has seen hundreds of people similar to you because of an algorithm. Our brains can still beat AI. Find a way to be remembered, like Teviot’s curly fries – gone but never forgotten.

You know you’ve found the one if you’re willing to wait until 2025 to see them again.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

No, just wear your best outfit. Wear something you feel comfortable in, but not too comfortable as you still want to try to have a feature on WYWW! Wear something that, in case you do get dragged to a dungeon (any club bar Bongos), you can run away from your kidnapper.

Best of luck, everyone, and if this advice fails you and your date, never fear; you have something new to pop on Fess-Up Friday.

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