In honour of Atik closing we asked for your wildest stories and wow they’re quite something

‘My friend dropped her phone in the toilet and sucked all the water out of it’

The iconic Edi club Atik sadly closed its doors permanently on Saturday the 21st. Home to the iconic Skint Fridays, and an absolute must for any Fresher at Edi, its presence will be missed. But like any club you know it was a good one when you have some wild stories to tell, so in honour of Atik here are 11 of the wildest and most random things that happened to Edi students in the iconic club.

1. ‘Had an egg cracked in my hair and washed it in the sink’

All that styling wasted. Sad times.

2. ‘My boyfriend dressed as BoJo for Halloween and gave people on the top floor union jack flags’

Scariest Halloween costume there is.


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3. ‘My flatmate shagging someone in the toilets’

Thank god for dim bathroom lighting.

4. ‘Waking up with blue lips after a random (way too old) man I necked tried to bite them off’

Okay well at least we know he wasn’t so old that he no longer had teeth.

5. ‘Someone shagging on the dance floor with a crowd around them’

A standard night out.

6. ‘Broke a girl’s wrist whilst wrestling for an inflatable’

Honestly understandable tbh.

7. ‘Vomited over a girl’s white shoes and ran off – if you’re seeing this now I’m sorry’


8. ‘Seeing literal sh*t on the light up floor. Actual human faeces’

Ladies I hate to say this but purely from ease of access was probably one of us.

9. ‘My friend dropped her phone in the toilet and sucked all the water out of it’

Like with a straw, her mouth?? I need answers!

10. ‘UV party in Fresher’s week, arrived at 6pm and stayed until 3am’

Students during Fresher’s are a different breed honestly.

11. ‘My mate got with a 50 year old with kids (he was 18)’

Typical Chancellors behaviour.

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