Snow hits Durham as dreams of a white Christmas hit the news

Perhaps Frosty will join us for the festive season after all…

Forecaster WX Charts has brought out a new weather map that reveals the exact date temperatures are expected to plunge deep into the negatives.

December 12th will see the north of England drop to temperatures as low as -9C; students planning to escape to the south over the holidays will still be trapped below freezing across the UK during this unusually cold November, Express reports.

Whether you were taking quick bites from your Paddy pizza between shivers or chained down to a desk with your Dissertation starring you down, you will of noticed snow began to fall late during the night of the 29th. For those lucky enough to (somehow) get a good night’s sleep a white blanket of snow awaited you in the morning, whether to your delight or distain.

This chilling surprise has sent some students flying down the many hills of Durham, cursing the dreaded frost whilst others have sprung to life and fully embraced the Christmas atmosphere (I for one took the opportunity to finally defrost Michael Bublé’s Christmas album as I walked through the falling flakes of snow).

This November snow has raised spirits but also the question of whether snow will return for December, or if we are just dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the one’s we used to know.

Express reports that the Met Office has suggested that weather in early December will be “colder than average”, with the possibility of “more general snow towards the turn of the month.”

The Metro has reported that in Newcastle the odds of a white Christmas is 2/1 with Alex Apati of Ladbrokes saying that: ‘We’re wrapping up and strapping in for snow, with the latest odds suggesting a White Christmas will be on the cards.’

However, in a report by The i, it has been brought to attention how some tabloids are reporting of a “White Christmas snow bomb” but Nicola Maxey, a spokesperson for the Met Office, has warned people not to get too excited, as Christmas is still beyond the range of what they can forecast and even then, snow is very difficult to accurately predict.

“Sometimes just a fraction of a degree Celsius change in temperature can make the difference between rain or snow falling, making forecasting snow weeks in advance extremely difficult,” she said.

Everything is still up in the air and as unpredictable as ever, but while some snow still coats Durham, take the time to appreciate this beautiful city and be sure to constantly post it on social media that the Grinches among us have something to rant about while we enjoy the festive atmosphere. Stay warm, stay safe and get yourself a hot chocolate, you’ve earned it.

A yellow ice and snow warning is currently in place for Durham, so do be sure to take extra care when walking around and admiring what remains of our magical little snow storm.

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